I think Bowsers Fury is a test for the next 3D Mario (Super Mario Odyssey 2 being open world)


Bowser's Fury feels like the huge Odyessy Kingdom, it's an open world and you can go where you want to go (Of course you have to beat Bowser multiple times to open the world up more but nevertheless you can do what you want0

I 100% believe this is Nintendo's way of seeing how an open world Mario game can work, it reminds me of when Nintendo remastered and put out Wind Waker HD to see what they can do for Breath of the Wild.

I'm excited about what a 3D Mario can be like in a huge open-world format.

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My cynical part of me is saying that it looks like a test to see how people are willing to spend full price for a 7+ year old game with a small additional mode tacked on.

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I absolutely agree. I also think this is an appetizer for the next mainline Mario game, which will build on the general ideas introduced here. It makes sense to me because Bowser's Fury feels like a natural evolution of Odyssey. They improved some aspects of the gameplay, like replacing the landmarks of the Kingdom by actual Sandboxes/Courses with a gate to enter them and a flapole/lighthouse to make it easy to spot them from a distance. It works like the shrines in Zelda BOTW. I like how you can clearly see every Shine you collected in each Sandbox, instead of trying to find them somewhere on the Kingdom map in Odyssey (and it helps that there are less collectibles). Also, in Bowser's Fury, it feels like you are actually exploring a full Kingdom, whereas in Mario Odyssey you were only exploring a location set in a bigger Kingdom that was just a background.

And, of course, the way they added a lot 3D World elements into the Odyssey formula (real Courses in the Kingdom, Power-ups) also make it an improvement over Odyssey to me. Some months ago, when we had our very first glance at Bowser's Fury and were wondering what it would be, I imagine (and wished) it would be a crossover between Odyssey and 3D World, and that it would be a preparation for Odyssey 2. I'm very excited that it seems to be the case.

If that's really what Nintendo and 1-Up Studio are working on, I would like to have at least 6 Open World Kingdoms similar to Lake Lapcat, instead of one huge Open World trying to connect everything together. We could start in a Mushroom Kingdom (with a Kart as a way of transportation between Sandboxes/Courses), then move to a Yoshi's or Donkey Kong's Island Kingdom (riding a Yoshi ?), then an Undersea Kingdom (with a small submarine ?), a Christmas Kingdom (with a bobsleigh or skis ?), a Cloud/Rainbow Kingdom (with an old propeller plane ?) and maybe a Space Kingdom (with a space shuttle or riding a comet or a Luma ?). I wish Super Mario Land could be an inspiration for that game, because there is so much creativity in it, and also I wonder if the way they structured the World in Paper Mario TOK could be an experiment with a "fake" Open World made of interconnected smaller Open Worlds (especially when you look at World 3 and 4 in that game with the shoe car and the boat as ways of transportation in the worlds).