SSB4 Trophies image donation

Hey there, I'm a Zelda Wiki regular and Images Person(TM) here with a little gift for Super Mario Wiki.

I was capturing Zelda-related images from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and thought I would get some Trophy images from a few other series while I was at it. So, below is a link to 115 Super Mario Trophy images at 4x native resolution. Feel free to use them on the wiki or just enjoy viewing them. Credit/contact info is in the included TXT file.

Please note that these aren't mere screenshots. (Well, many of them are, but....) I used several editing techniques to capture them in layers and retain/reproduce all of the transparency that you'd see in the game. Hoo boy was it a lot of work, but it was fun and worthwhile. Take a look at Mario here and you'll see that the flames are see-through instead of fading to black:

If you'd like Trophies from the Wii U version, please visit SmashWiki. These ones are actually sprites ripped from the game's data, but are of a comparable size. There are some Trophies exclusive to each version, and some of the Trophies in common have differences.
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Does this function for the profile?
You gave Squawks a trophy of Squawks.
Is the trophy based on the profile?
Hey fellas,

I'm just giving this a bump because
1. It seems that Super Mario Wiki has not used any of the images,
2. I've changed the address to a folder:

I don't want to sound pushy at all, since I did these for fun in my spare time, but I was hoping various Wikis would find them useful. You can also check out some of the other series' trophies at that address, if you feel like it!