(Gauging interest) Mario's Super Picross speed battle royal


This is a bit of a different tourney from usual, it's not one on one but rather you vs. everyone else as this game is intended to be single player only
The rules are as follows:
.Use the NSO version specifically so you can post a screenshot with your icon on it
.The goal is to clear all of Mario Puzzle Level 1 as quick as you can, the first to post a screenshot proving this wins.
.No looking up walkthroughs, that includes the wiki
.No using the NSO rewind or save state feature
.There is really no prize, this is just for fun
The date will be September 23rd so no one has an advantage of playimg parts of it ahead of time, due to different time zones, we need to discuss a good time so no one is asleep or has something to do at that time