What if the Mario Game and Watch games were expanded?


Let's do our best today!
The idea of any Game And Watch game is not to be fully immerseed into the world, they are purely for fun, however, some ideas can be really cool if made into something more.

This is specifically about Mario Game And Watch titles, but I am going to let people cheat and use the Game and Watch Gallery versions for basises

Personally, I think Mario's Bombs Away can get something of an expansion, I think it could be like a certain Newspaper strip that I forgot the name of where it condems war, but in a more comedic way than say, Metal Gear or Spect Opts: The Line, I do think we might need a bit more gameplay and characters to make it work though, I in vision it more as a stealth game than the orginal and Luigi and some Toads make appearance, maybe a temporary alliance with Bowser who is angered he can't get to sleep with a bunch of explosions


HELLO!! Are you finding everything ok?
I'm down for new endless g&w-mario minigames.
Maybe merch instead of an expanded in-game world.

But tbh, I think Warioware took the purpose you're looking for.