"Nintendo Directs are extremely effective but something could replace them"


[/Nintendo's president Shuntaro Furukawa was asked about Nintendo Direct events during a shareholder meeting, to which he said Directs are an especially effective means of conveying new game content and announcements. That said, the company could come up with something that's even more effective in the future. Nintendo has to constantly evolve their way of thinking, so something else could end up replacing Directs down the road.
Basically, it's been implied that Directs have been halted due to Covid and Nintendo is looking for a new method in case it lasts longer than expected

Paper Mario the First

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Huh they used to announce games on the fly back in the days. Maybe it's kinda going back to that, as what they did to Paper Mario Origami King. Maybe instead of Directs, they'll drip feed games announcements constantly rather than reveal in specified dates.