Super Mario Bros. Subpixel clipping


The title of this thread might sound a bit weird. If you didn't know, in smb1 the original, every pixel is made up of 256 subpixels I believe. If there is an expert on smb1 than I need some advice. I know that you need a certain subpixel position to clip into walls, but is there a specific subpixel position, like below 16 or above 200 to clip into any wall, and is there a way to know what my subpixel position needs to be to cilp into any wall? Thanks

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glitches are perfectly fine and dandy to talk about and i don't see why you would think they're verboten? the wiki has plenty of pages documenting them for a reason

anyhow imo it's fine in marioverse


A. This needs to be moved to help desk.
B. We really don’t talk about glitches here. But correct me if I’m wrong.
C. Look on youtube. There are a lot of tutorials for it there.
A. Sorry, I'm new here and have no clue how to use this xD
B. Again, new here. I got no idea
C. I've looked on youtube, unfortunately no good explanation on subpixel positioning. Of course there is on smb3 but none on smb1