How different Mario games would be with a different starring character?

Susie McCallister

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So, Mario both has a lot of games and a lot of character, it's fun to imagine different scenarios, so here we go
If Wario was the star of SMB2, he would try to rush through it to get back to sleeping and dreaming about stuff he likes, he will get frustrated by not able to take on Wart with Brute Force
If Daisy was the star of Luigi's Mansion, she would be less scared than Luigi but make some mistakes by being cocky, she wants to rescue Mario not only for her past with him, but just because it's the right thing to do
Ths plot of Warioware Touched would be non-existent with Cranky Kong, he wouldn't be caught dead with a modern video game console (well, modern at the time)
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Ray Trace

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Baby Luigi would star in an M-rated game, that's for sure.

Elijah Guy

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If a Koopa Troopa was a character we would have to avoid Mario. If Mario and Co. Was the main cast of the WarioWare Series the title first will become MarioWare. 2. The locations will change. 3. Mainly the whole plot will change. 4. Add a board, some dice, and a host and you got yourself a new Mario Party Game!