Gimme that reason: Junes name

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Welcome to Gimme dat reason!
We will be Playing Gimme dat reason
There will be a list of charaters, at least 10. And you got to tell the thread starter why they should keep that charater, Meams, Shows, books, pleeding. You name it, do everything in your power to convince the thread starter to keep your picked charater! They will then decide whether or not to keep them, Each charater may have 5 posts to vote in their favor, after 5 posts the thread starter can choose! *Mario Kart 64 Ok?* PS, you can use () to explaine what something is btw...
Dr. Doom
Dark Core
Spider Man
A mistake
Tht guy
The Konami code (^^vv<><>BA)
Rocket (The rocket from: Dragon Quest Heros: Rocket Slime. Which is hands down the best game ever)
Here we go again
If Nobody posts in 3 days I will pick
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Wow, nobody posted in 3 days? Guess I better change that.
Anyway, I believe you should keep the Dark Core because he is a completely original character and I'm wondering what he looks like.

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I believe you should choose Hero since he is one of the best characters in Smash Bros.