Koops's not so brand new, refurbished excuse of an Art Thread (Along with other unrelated stuff too I guess)


So... I actually already DO have an art thread... but... I think I'll let it sink within the depths of the ocean that is the world beyond the first page of this board. I got personal reasons for that, mostly being that I am a way different person today than I was back then so it would just be really weird to have two versions of myself eerily close to each other.

Anyway, as criminal as it sounds, it seems I have yet to post any of the drawings I did on best girl! How inconsiderate of myself!

Anyway, enjoy Fiora. I actually have full lists of my favorite FE characters (per game) and I'll be going through all of them, Fiora is just the first of many. Is there any better way to kick this off?

Enough words, let's get the show on the road.


Oh, Fiora. Best FE character. I admit I was not always into her (which proves that I don't like her for looks alone, at the end of the day), but the moment I read her supports and used her on my Blazing Sword team, I knew she was special. Love her. Best big sis.

Next up is Merric, my favorite Shadow Dragon/Mystery of the Emblem character!

I'll probably redo this drawing on my PC, one day. Just don't feel like it rn tbh.
Hey guys guess what?

Turns out I did do the drawing on my PC. And I do not regret it in the slightest.
best girl again.png

Here she is, and I'm proud of this piece. Just in case you didn't know I love Fiora so fucking much, and I'm glad I finally got around to digitally drawing the cool woman

I actually have no idea what I'll do next but we'll see. The boots could've been done better, same for the lance. And I fucked up the face at some point and had to move the whole thing but it worked out in the end, I feel. One thing's for sure tho this art doesn't quite compare to the fanart featured in my pfp (Still cannot find whoever did it tho. If the concerned artist is reading this, then I saw thank you for this blessing of an artwork).

I have an art thread, guys, remember? Haha...
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So a lot happened since last I posted here, namely I graduated from school, am attending uni, have become a better person (probably the opposite actually), have acquired new perspectives on life, have endured my home country crumbling to dust and still am doing so,

Most importantly I have a new drawing tablet to use for art and such and I also started playing a very cool series of games called trails that you should all play this is a threat not a request

I made a shitpost for it too.

Kevin chest with bg.png

Hair's a little wack in this piece, so is our pictured sex god's face and I probably could've given the chest more wooden-like texture, but all in all I like how Kevin turned out (I drew a tiny Ries on his shoulder for good measure cause she's awesome too and I love both of them)

I posted this drawing in other places but then I remember I have an art thread on here so uh

I have some other drawings in stock I might share depending on how I feel so uh look forward to that (or don't, I'd understand)

Here's Liete from hit game Grandia she's cool ignore the fact I accidentally gave her two left hands like a moron


digital drawings really do get more tiring to make the better you get at them do they