1. Scarviola

    Super Mario Bros. Boards RPG

    inspired by Mario Boards RPG made by Pikachu64. So basically, make your own version of Mario characters and I’ll be posting their adventure on here (after we got the characters ok) Characters needed: Mario Luigi Toad (Red, Yellow and Blue Toadette Peach Bowser Yoshi maybe?
  2. Scarviola

    Scarviola’s Art for “Scarviola Land”

    This is basically putting my many OCs in a Mario style. Any ideas from you? Post here
  3. gbfrnda

    My "Super Mario" Fan Artwork

    Looks nice, isn't it?! My Mario fanart looks so show-accurate. The character that appears most often is my favorite Mario character.
  4. Theanine

    Booster Tower 3D remake from SMRPG

    Hi Mario fans, I just recently completed my 3D remake of the lobby from Booster Tower in Super Mario RPG. Check it out!
  5. Koops

    Koops's not so brand new, refurbished excuse of an Art Thread (Along with other unrelated stuff too I guess)

    So... I actually already DO have an art thread... but... I think I'll let it sink within the depths of the ocean that is the world beyond the first page of this board. I got personal reasons for that, mostly being that I am a way different person today than I was back then so it would just be...