Mario Kart Tour FCs and invites


All rangers go!
So, now that the multiplayer is out and we actually have a use for this kind of topic, let's tour together.
That's my FC, I actually feel like testing this out, so if you or a few friends want to race, hit me up

Mister Wu

King Bowser
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My friend code is:


Since we need to have friend races for the challenges, if someone wants to have them this night I’d go with a few races at 1 AM CET.

The rules would be the following:
* 150cc
* 2 items
* no COM racers

I’ll have to quit pretty much every other race as the game is unable to manage RAM on the iPhone 6 and thus quickly goes out of memory and is killed by Jetsam (iOS memory manager), usually while loading the second race.

Mister Wu

King Bowser
Wiki Administrator
If somebody is willing, I think these weeks I'll keep a friend room open from 1:30 AM to 2:00 AM CET, from Monday till Thursday.
I think I'll keep the rules above, but if you want different rules, just ask!
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