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I missed some reviews, but I did mine for the newest episode:

Coming into this episode, I had no expectations whatsoever coming into this episode...

Let's start off with the main issue in the first act: Marge. In all of my life of watching Simpsons, her voice was starting to get bad. This season however, it has gone further than that. I thought it was just for singing, but when hearing her in that first act, god, she sounded bad. Her voice was just literally breaking apart. Her voice either needs to be retired to rested before it gets even worse.

The plots felt like they just existed. The Christmas Movie plot just flew over me like it was over in a few minutes. It was hardly funny. Also, we knew that all would be well for the film, but we didn't see any of it. What a shame. All it was was a parody which I didn't really care about. And another thing that didn't make it, we saw no return of Flim Springfield.

The subplot... was worse than the main. And it had all right to, right from the start I knew it was going to be bad. Didn't really liked the guest star here, and Skinner ended up losing another crush, who throughout, had lacked chemistry as a couple. Predictable and boring throughout.

Another problem with this episode is the Background Music. Not that it was awful bad, it didn't fit into the episode at all. And to be fair, it did kinda suck.

I am struggling to remember a good thing about this episode, and it only aired a few minutes ago. Absolutely nothing. I even struggled to like the animation here. You know an episode's bad when that happens.

Some other notes, we saw Apu and his family in the background, so it looks like he's not written out yet. Seems like they needed some Background Space for some scenes.

In conclusion, out of all the people I've seen put in a reaction so far, only 2 people liked it. That's it. Just 2 people. So, if you want to watch a Christmas episode this year, please, PLEASE do not make it this one. I'm begging you.

MY FINAL RATING: 1.5/5. I'll round it up as a high 1/5. 6 disappointments in the last 6 episodes. 3 were just bad, 2 were mediocre at best and 1 was good, but didn't meet my expectations.
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I watched the first 3 eps of Season 32 and I gotta say I pretty much agree with your ratings @Trab The Halls .

Undercover Burns had its golden moments, like the speech at the end.
I, Carumbus felt very games of thronesy, it was a fun take.
Now Museum, Now You Don't fell flat. Maggie's story was funny though.

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Bit harsh with Marge's voice, Julie Kavner's in her 70s.

I watched Treehouse of Horror XXXI. I enjoyed it. I feel like the election opener went a bit long and the time loop story went a bit short. But not a lot bad with it. Homerverse was my favourite of the stories. Good job Julia Prescott 👍


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The Dad Feelings Limited (Prediction):

And so, we reach the end of the first part of the season, with an episode based on Kumiko, after her not being included in CBG's plot in 3 Dreams Denied. Which means, it's time for me to talk my prediction.

It's been 3 weeks since the last episode, and after this episode, we'll have a potential 6 week break between this and Diary Queen. So, we have to enjoy this while it's out here. The plot for this episode is actually quite promising, and Kumiko's voice sounds better than what it was back in episodes like "Married To The Blob". Seeing her developed would be good, but the last time we saw a backstory (Miss Hoover) it ended up ruining her character. Another worrying thing here is that after Married To The Blob, no writer has come close to creating an Kumiko episode as good as Blob. If I wanted to play it safe, then I'll give the plot a 2/5 at least. However, I believe this could hit 3.5/5.

At least we have a different set of workers on this episode, which is alright... But no.

We have Ryan Koh writing the episode, and that what urks me the most. In his last 2 episodes, they have wounded up to be the worst of the 31st season (to remind you, they were "The Winter Of Our Monetized Content" and "Marge The Lumberjill".) If this was showran by Al Jean, then it would most likely flop. Thank god that this is not the case. Matt Selman comes to save the day. In their only episode by the pair, it has not been as bad as the aforementioned 2 episodes showran by Jean. Chris Clements is the director, and he's my 3rd best director on the show today. So more good news here. Despite Koh, I have promise and faith in the crew to pull this off.

If all goes well, then we should have a good episode, most likely the best since "Podcast News". My rating: (Safe: 3/5, Hopeful: 4/5.)


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And so, we come to the latest victim of the 2/5 award: Yokel Hero. In fact, before this episode even started, I know it was gonna be a 2/5. I was right.

To start off, the first act went without a lot of notes... Early in the episode, we managed to fit in another (sigh...) Marriage Crisis, which mainly goes without a lot of laughs. And also, I found it boring. However, the saving grace is that it's only in the first act. For the good parts of this episode, I kinda liked Barney's role in the early parts, that was kinda good. But the real winner of the first act was the credits cutting in to end the first act. So that ended it on a high. So far, this episode looks like to be a 3/5. It's only in the earlier parts, so this rating may still be turned down.

One thing that I do notice in the first half of the episode was the amount of Drunk related Jokes being used. That's not a good or a bad thing, and with how the episode went, I won't include that in my final rating. Another this that I did noticed that Cletus' signatures from 2 earlier episode, one was Incredible Lightness, don't know where the other originated. Again, only a minor note, so nothing much to mention there. This might be due to personal taste, but none of the songs that were featured are gonna be remembered by the fans after this episode, and it doesn't has that iconity with it, and to be honest, I wasn't a real fan of most of the songs. I guess even after using Ellen on the show back in Beyond Blunderdome, they couldn't use her again. Nethertheless, some of the scenes were actually done quite well, however, the scene where the man got Shot by a Laser, that was the only real scene I didn't like. So far, this episode hasn't produced anything too special yet, and some of it is caused by pacing issues, which also effects the episode. An average grade would be a 2.75/5 so far, though I would round it up for a 3/5. This doesn't look like it's bad. And that's something I like about this.

In the third act, I am still unsure whether Albert Brooks voice was good or not, it's kinda easy to say that it's not as good as his Hank Scorpio's voice, and it was a bit quieter then what I would've expected. Luckily, his voice doesn't taint the episode, and plays a mostly ignorable role on my final ratings. However, while it wasn't so bad, the episode did Started to bore me after a while, with most of the jokes being used up in the 1st or 2nd act, that did cause my grade to drop a bit. One thing that really sticks out in this act is more time-management. The last scene literally went on forever, and that's not even part of the story! It's clear to say that that was filler, which didn't help much with my final ratings, and I just can't excuse this anymore, they need to think up of more material that isn't filler. Nothing was happening, and time wasting is not how I would like an episode to go!. Also, shoutout to Rob Oliver whose design palettes were as normal, top notch. Well done. With the overall quality, however, This was clearly the weakest of the 3 acts. 1.5/5, just becaus I feel like it.

Let's end with a summery of the episode. Cletus doesn't has a good history of episodes that has been good, and this didn't make up for it. Low expectations were expected from this, nothing big was gonna happen, and it just sorta existed. I still can't recall a great Cletus episode that existed, and he always works better as a gimmick character who doesn't has a lot of scenes and comes in for great jokes. Jeff Martin is way past his prime when writing episodes, and there's no denying it when his past few modern episodes have all been mediocre to bad. Honestly, he needed to not come back in the first place, and not ruin his legacy as a great Simpsons writer. Time wasting was a long-lasting feature throughout the episode, with scene going on for too long, which means that some-one needs to learn better time management
. And some people WA sa great ending to this, and this is what we get? Really? What a waste. I could've done without the 3rd act.

You know when I said this was a 2/5, and that I was sure of it, turns out, when the scores are added up, I was sorta right. A 3 in the first act, followed by a 2.75 in the next, and ending with a 1.5, this leads me with a score of 7.25/15, which when rounded to a 5, we get a 2.5/5, once again! I'm fed up of giving episodes the same grade, and this can't go on any further any longer. I swear, if I give "Do Pizzabots Dream Of Electric Guitars" a 2.5/5, I'm just gonna give up on the show again. These are starting to get too repetitive. Oh yeah, I need to round it as well.

And in a not surprising turn of events, I would like to give it YET ANOTHER 2/5. I don't know how this keeps happening. We've had more misses that hits this year, and apart from one episode, none of Jean's episodes were good. God, I need to calm down a little.


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My goal is to watch every episode on Disney+, which I started on December 1 since the first episode is a Christmas episode. My plan is 3 episodes minimum. I'm currently up to season 5, episode 3 (Homer Goes to College)