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Which Mario villains, had a sad backstory?
Wart (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Tatanga (Super Mario Land)
Wario (Super Mario Land 2)
Donkey Kong ( Mario VS Donkey Kong)
Culex ( Super Mario RPG)
Smithy ( Super Mario RPG)
Bowser ( Paper Mario 64)
Sir Grodus (Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door)
Shadow Queen (Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door)
Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)
Dimentio ( Super Paper Mario)
Cackletta ( Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga)
Princess Shroob ( Mario and Luigi Partners in time)
Elder Princess Shroob ( Mario and Luigi Partners in time)
Fawful ( Mario and Luigi Bowser Inside Story)
Dark Star ( Mario and Luigi Bowser Inside Story)
Antasma ( Mario and Luigi Dream Team)
Kamek (Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island)
Baby Bowser ( Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island)
King Boo ( Luigi's Mansion)
Shadow Mario ( Super Mario Sunshine)
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Count Bleck's the only one you listed whom I would deem to have had a sad backstory, but I'm not familiar with all of them. Bleck's story is one of the major reasons for SPM being my favourite Mario game.

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Shadow Mario seems pretty glum. Your whole life is dependent on someone else possessing the paintbrush you live inside, and whoever owns it controls you. Your life is stolen by some punk and it's spent on painting nice pictures, but the law chases you and some weirdo mows you down by spraying a lot of water on you. Then that punk abandons you and a costumed freak finds you.

It's a happy ending though. At least Shadow Mario spent his final days playing rounds of peaceful golf, becoming really good at it (hence the unlock requirements) and he seems liberated from his pastel prison, which the costumed freak has a kind heart to release him I think.

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Other than the obvious Count Bleck, I think Antasma's had hints of a bit of tragic history, we know he wasn't always evil and he unfortunately became hooked on nightmares, consuming them without control until he became the monster he is today. It's a sad story of what addiction can do to you.

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🐧Penguins. Lots of them.🐧🐧🐧🐧
Oh, also, really depends how you define "sad backstory". Donkey Kong from Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a super relatable one especially if you went amiibo hunting years ago. ☹

Princess Shroob and Elder Princess Shroob, I think, also has a pretty dismal backstory. She and her species were from a dying planet and would do anything to conquer things and mindlessly destroy. Elder Princess Shroob would even destroy her own ships to try to damage Mario and Luigi.