I need ideas for a Job I could get.

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What do you know how to do?
Good question.

I could be a all-rounder at Target or something, since I got all the basic skills for a wide variety of jobs.


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Hi! Incoming word vomit!

If you have no idea what you want to do:
- Any job will get you valuable life experience. You don't need qualifications for retail or fast food, so a lot of people start there.
- Don't stay there forever. Learn what you can then get out the moment there's a better opportunity
- Get LinkedIn

If you have an idea of what you want to do:
- Get LinkedIn
- Find some people in that field
- Follow them. Talk to them. Engage with their posts. Get to know them.
- Go to meetups. Speak to whoever you can.
- After some time you can ask if you can get some work experience at their company.
- Don't go in with the expectation that they'll help you. You need to be a genuine person always and not only use people to get further.
- Start working on any skills required asap. Complete school. Follow Youtube tutorials / Udemy courses. Start working on a portfolio if required


'Focus on studies' is not the best approach. Yes, school is important and developing your skills are important. But employers will always value relevant work experience over studies. Grades aren't important to a hiring manager - they only care about the paper you get at the end. And even then some won't care about that if you have a stand out portfolio.

I have a friend that makes bank working at Facebook. His study philosophy was 'aim for a passing grade then spend your time making cool stuff'. This is way more practical, especially now that there aren't as many jobs around. The jobs that are around are often gig-economy ones. Clients care about portfolios. Not grades.

Plus the amount of worth and independence you feel after earning your own money is really rewarding. You can buy videogames!


I get that's a lot of stuff to think about. But hope this helps!

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What I meant to say is that I think LJS should think about getting his high school diploma first (which is a great indicator for life experience as well and it goes well on a resume), rather than necessarily about grades. He's already required to go to school anyhow until 12th grade, and I think giving him a job on top of all of that can induce a lot more stress onto him.