What characters do you relate to?

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Every author puts a bit of themselves into their characters, do you relate to anyone in specfic?

For me
Klinsy (Legend Of Dark Witch)
I see myself as an easily manipulated idiot with the promise of friendship is given to me, only sought out for the tiny bit of power I have instead of pity

Meowkie(Namco High)
I was bullied a lot at school for things I had no control over, I feel like getting angry is going too far

Penelope Pussycat(Looney Tunes)
I been chased around by a bunch of creeps that I didn't want to interact with, including a downright stalker who still scares me
Vanilla The Rabbit:
I take to those younger than me to give them motherly advise,I think I would be a good mother and one thing I want the most is the innocent not to be harmed

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Luigi tbh. I always looked up to my older brother, (as I do Mario), and well, so did everyone. He was the popular high school athlete, always willing to lend everyone a hand, braved tough social situations in a humble civil way, and pretty much good at everything but academics. Then there was me- clumsy, timid, awkward, and only good at some random niche things.. I try my best.
Perhaps similar to M&L's dynamic, my older brother had a tendency to jump into things without really thinking, sometimes I had to clean up after him or smooth things out xD.

Hm, outside of the Marioverse, I felt relation to the characters Naruto and Madoka. I guess it's easy to relate to many different types of people.. as we're multidimensional lifeforms. But I think I do tend to gravitate to underdogs.
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Lately, Vivian which is why she was last month's username for me. She was dealt a rough hand in life in TTYD, until she met Mario and was shown kindness for the first time. She's by far the prettiest Shadow Siren yet is constantly called the ugliest by her abusive sister Beldam. In the Japanese version she's transgender, and her sisters bully her for that by calling her a "man" and "not a sister." I'm so glad she found a happier life with Mario, but also I wish she could've stayed with him, and I prefer her as a love interest for Mario over Peach.

Another character I've related to is Count Bleck- I related to him mainly in 2014 when I went through a breakup, and as a result was insanely melodramatic. In a similar way I related to Bobbery, who also was motivated by the loss of his love (and unlike Bleck, she was gone for good which makes it even sadder).

I constantly recite lines from villains to sound as charmingly sinister or insane as them, but I don't relate to them on the same degree other than Bleck. They're just entertaining to roleplay as :p

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I can relate to Ashley from WarioWare Touched as in I don't make too many friends in high school and people see me as grumpy and always negative, always quiet and terrible at breaking ice and doing group projects. I'm also a little weird too I think because I lug around a Mario toy just like how Ashley lugs around a toy too. Like in a dance club, I'd totally stay at the back and not do anything. It can also be hard for me to control my anger and bitterness too. But in real life I want friends.


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Admiral Bobbery
Count Bleck


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Bowser: Strong-willed, persevering, and never gives up. Even though his intentions are evil, you gotta admire his persistence.

Francis: A nerd about everything cool. Nintendo, games in general, comic books...you name it, he has it all. He even goes onto online message boards and complains about games he's never played! No better way to pass the time.

King Dedede: Has an appetite that's bigger than himself. Also a jokester and a memelord.

Adrien Agreste: Now here's a guy who respects puns. Call it good, call it bad, but a pun is a pun! Also very loyal to those he loves and understands just how valuable friends are.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng: Deeply values justice and goes to great lengths to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, even if she's often cheated out of it herself. I'll forever despise the Chloe and Lila responsible.

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I know I used to relate to Paper Mario Koops. In fact it was around the time I became a member here, which is mostly why I'm known as Koops around here. I had a phase where I was like, super shy in just the way he was.

Fiora from FE7 is a character that strongly resonates with me right now. She's a big sister among three like I'm a big brother among three, and I have recently been feeling like I've been doing a not so decent job at being a role model for them, the same kind of bashing she goes through.

Somewhere else, though, Link represents me on the surface. I'm this guy who's pretty serious about things but is also kinda goofy. And BotW Link has eating mannerisms ominously similar to mine, so there's that.