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Do you know All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.? A Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. which replaced many characters, enemies, and objects of the original game with All Night Nippon related figures? The game features one of the strangest levels I can think of in a Mario game, World D-1. World D-1 is a remake of World 8-1 from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. Major changes include removing access to the Warp Zone pipe (thank god for that), and granting access to another secret area in another pipe. However, there is one very awkward change; see if you can spot it. Here's the map:

If you didn't see it, a Beanstalk, which wasn't present in Lost Levels 8-1, was placed in a Brick Block halfway through the level which leads to a Coin Heaven. After exiting Coin Heaven, you arrive to... the end of World D-2? Yes, not only did they add a Beanstalk to a Coin Heaven, it leads you to an area that is not connected to the main area. It has all the features from that part of D-2, including the secret area right after you exit the coin heaven, and the Coin Heaven, which leads you to the same place where the other Coin Heaven dropped you off. And the weirdest part is yet to come. At the end of the area is a Goal Pole! That means that the level has two different Goal Poles in two different areas; one in the main area, and one in the D-2 area! And both of them lead to to the next level, D-2.

So that's a pretty interesting discovery that I found two years ago and suddenly decided to talk about now. If you thought New Super Mario Bros. was the first time there were two different Goal Poles in a level, there's this level... The fact that it's in such a minor game and is a hidden level (like Super Mario Bros,: The Lost Levels, you had to complete the main game 8 times to unlock it) makes it all the more weirder. What are your thoughts on this?


Hmmmmm, it is an interesting find... Though I thought you were referring to strange in a visual sense as opposed to level design quirks.

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I remember this, that radio host event. There's also a Jewish version of SMB1 I think made around the same decade. I don't remember what it was called but I found it on "List of all Mario games (including games that reference him)" on wikipedia, several years ago.