The problem with streaming services


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Let's say you're a fan of Adventure Time, your friend shows you this, wowwie, new episodes?! That's so cool! You assume it will air on Cartoon Network as usual, maybe on Adult Swim or Boomerang? Then you see the logo, it's on another goddamn steaming service, you been dupped.

There is far too many of them, want to watch the new Twilight Zone? Pay up for a CBS service. Why not air it on TV? People like the Twilight Zone, they like Jordan Pele, they are very much cutting content to make sure they make more money.

What's that? CBS due to shows like Survivor and Big Brother already make a lot of money? Welcome to the blinding graspe of Greed, where is "a lot" is not the goal, instead the goal is "more", what are they even going to do with the money? Who cares?! Power is addicting.

The problem begins with Netflix, the orginal mail in service was an alternative to Blockbuster (r.i.p), the streaming service was an alternative to cable, it didn't have orginal shows at first, but the fact you can watch a lot of series anytime you want without going broke buying all the DVDs was awesome.
Then it got content that only can be seen on Netflix, you had rewatchable content from all the big companies plus enganging tales that introduce a new way to bring fantasy!
Remember my CBS rant? In the begining, all big companies were in on it, sharing the pie, but in the greedy world of business, the goal isn't "a lot", the goal is always "more", even though after awhile it makes no sense.

The success of Netflix and the greed of companies made a ridiculous amount of these services, flat out no one can afford all of these services, the oversatrion of these services will make some them flat out fail, the creators will blame the failure of the well received stories on everything but their arrogance, they could of still have success if they still were on Netflix, they would still make money.

It makes cable look reasonable in comparison, the very thing it set out to destroy, as cable has one price for all content beaides add ons, with most companies, dvr and on demand, cable was being trashed, this made us realize how good we had it.
Not helping is the redundancy, Disney flat out owns Hulu, why does Disney plus have to exist, much less bundled with it and ESPN+?

Another fault is avaliblty, Tuca and Bertie will not have another season as the studio unioned, Netflix, something so big that it started a trend, can't stand making slightly less money, but hey, more Big Head tho! You can hardly get the orginal content anywhere, this is a bad thing, unlike video game consoles, that have forms of exclusives, are mostly physical disks, you can still play them even after copies stop being made, as for Netflix, I have only seen dvds for House of Cards and Dreamworks shows.
Keep in mind, soon you will no longer leagally can see the dub of LWA, as it is getting delisted, this is the only option that doesn't invole torrents.
As for the Defenders shows, unless they get transfered to Hulu, once the lincese is gone, so is the shows.

So yeah, viva la unity
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at this rate, with streaming services getting their content chopped up into tiny pieces with their own subscription fees and with the prospect of cloud gaming with the likes of stadia, as well as freaking everything else needing a fucking subscription (hello adobe, hello nintendo switch online), the subscription fees pile up and up (as it's a lucrative way to get cash) from services you don't even need. i honestly think stadia's concept of cloud gaming (where you need to be always on with a good connection, that you don't physically own any games anymore, that you're at the mercy of their servers, that you also need a subscription for the best service) is enough to make me throw up in my mouth.


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Wow, after the writers said with so much confidence that Adventure Time was done..