Favourite sport?

What's your favourite sport?

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Play any particular sport?

What is your favourite?

(If you only watch sports on TV then that's ok)


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Tennis is that one sport where I never get bored.

I love it. If there is any sport I'd want to specialize in it's that one. It's probably the one I'm best at.

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Baseball, I just love seeing the game. Me going to a Atlanta Braves baseball game back in 2011 is what got me interested in the sport.


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Of the ones listed, baseball because it's the only one I'm actually decent at. I do prefer less energy-intensive sports though, such as table tennis (golf might qualify too, except I've never played golf).

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paintball if i'm playing it
probably wrestling/fighting if i'm watching altho i've never really gotten into it


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To play, probably something like tennis or badminton. Although, swimming is also a good pastime. As for watching, I love watching motorsport, mainly Formula 1, and diving.

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I prefer the more artistic sports like ice dancing and gymnastics. But out of the choices in the poll, tennis is my favorite because it reminds me of my days as a Wii Sports tennis pro 😎

I was actually really bad


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I guess currently my favorite is Mario Tennis, and arguably Fortune Street (if Chess is a sport why not Capitalism too).

Also irl my true favorite is Badminton, but I selected Hockey for it's a close second. They're two sports I'm assured to not recieve physical harm. Though now I'm realizing Golfs harmless too, I would have selected it if it were Mini Golf!

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My favourite sport to play is definitely field archery (There's something really fun about shooting the 3D animal targets), though to watch I quite like gymnastics and diving when they're on.