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While current ads for the Switch are way better than the ones for the Wii U, they are probably not go down as the ones people remember years from now, they have a strictly formula of showing families having fun and showing gameplay, but that's pretty much all there is to it, it does their job of making the Switch look fun but they're so dull, they don't even try to tell a joke or anything

So, with the Odyssey one being one of the better one in the Switch era, let's see what we can do to promote Mario and the Switch on TV

.The tired and true goofy costumes
Sure, with CGI, you therorically don't need these anymore, but gosh darn it, they're fun, plus the company that makes them is still around

The two main reasons the Sega Saturn did better in Japan than the rest of the world is having games people actually wanted to play and a man under the name: Segata Sanshiro, basically, with a lovable character associated with the console, they got a way to make people remember it to the point people want said character in your actual games, heck, you don't even need to flat out invent someone, just use Mario

.Crossover hub
Another idea from Sega, have a world where all the characters on the console exist, want to have Bowser and Cole Phelps interact? You got it, it also brings attention to your third party games, if they start selling, more would want to hop on

Traditional animation:
A negelected form of art I hardly see in advertising nowadays, what was once prominent type of animation can give you a unique look, bring back memories and give you love from fans of animation, it helps that besides Pokemon, there is no Nintendo anime or cartoons on air nowadays

Rin Nelek

Unfortunately, the commercials would have to be plastered with annoyingly trite and useless disclaimers in fine print should they go in these directions nowadays (at least in the United States).
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I was just thinking earlier how much I miss traditionally animated commercials after finding an old Cocoa Pebbles commercial on YouTube. Would be awesome to see that revived, especially with Mario characters.


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This reminded me of how Mario's Happy Meal commercials where he interacted with Happy (the mascot), and those are pretty fun for how it allowed Mario to express more.

The commercials with Mario give me strong Mario + Rabbid vibes, in a positive way.

Thank you for reading.