Have you ever made a Mario OC?


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Yes I have. Hundreds of them, for the Paper Mario fangame topics I've done, original or Recut. Even the latter have completely new characters with no counterparts.

Do you have specific sub series or game in mind when making them?
Always Paper Mario. The classic games were the most story-filled and unique of the series, so that was obvious to me.

What role would they have in an actual game?
That's kind of an open question. If you mean the main platformers, they could run some special Item Houses and serve as NPCs. While I take pride in my characters, playable status in a platformer is a big job for them. I've also made several enemies too that could plausibly show up

What is their relationship to the Canon cast?
For three quick examples...
* Mawk Hawk and Pawk Hawk taught Rawk Hawk how to sawk jawks in the Glitz Pit. (Or more accurately, Mawk Hawk taught him while Pawk Hawk just "supervised".) They're also Rawk's parents.
* Sauf T worked in the kitchens of Peach's Castle for a while to get a scholarship in a faraway region. Because of her place of employment, she knew Mario, Luigi and Peach quite well.
* Starmageddon, the Blight King, was the partner of the Shadow Queen. To make a long story short, the Shadow Queen betrayed him in the aftermath of a huge battle, leaving Starmageddon on a destructive quest for vengeance ever since.

Would you like them to be in a official game?
Yes, especially the Memphawks (the backwards derived species for Rawk Hawk). For more completely original DMZ characters, I'd push for the Frutta (fruit people) and Brustaches (paintbrush people) to become official.

Perhaps if you did not take inspiration from the games, where did you get the idea from?
It depends on the character. Inspiration is wherever you look. I just take a ping-pong approach where I build upon ideas for a character, Mario OC or not. The more compatible traits I decide on, the more the ball bounces between the walls, and the more new ideas naturally spawn.
For more concrete examples...
* Some of Keirf the Sosorrisurf (lobster-eel)'s personality was based on That 90s Kid from Atop the Fourth Wall.
* Shroomsday Core's design took inspiration from Mother D-Reaper and Quartzmon. Meanwhile, his personality was based upon Smaug the Magnificent from the new movie version of The Hobbit.


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Here's another crappy OC I came up with a while back in my younger years. Since I'm a fan of artificial intelligence of the evil super computer variety like Shodan, Glados, Hal 9000 etc etc I decided to come up with one for Mario since as far as I know the only super computer antagonist the series has had was Tec and well, he can barely be called that at all.

Plus I wanted to come up with something silly and humorous so I created B.U.G.S. (Big Universal Gameplaying System) and the basic plot of the game he was involved with would be that it was created by E.Gadd in his boredom to play games with in his downtime.

Unfortunately it gets bored constantly beating E.Gadd all the time at checkers and decides to build more complex games to play and force other people to play in them until it can find someone to be a good challenge. It then kidnaps Mario and co for this very reason.

If you couldn't tell already this was going to be a scenario for Mario Party.
My OC is Princess Aquamarine. (Aqua for short)

She is Peach and Daisy’s little sister from the Lake Kingdom. She’s six years old. Her main weapon is FLUDD, Mario’s water pack from Super Mario Sunshine.

The game I had in mind when making her was Super Mario Sunshine. It was my first 3D Mario game and I had a lot of great memories with it. So I created this character for my Sunshine adaptation, which you can find on my FanFiction.Net account of the same name.

If Aqua were in an actual game, I’d see her being a recurring supporting cast member, and may occasionally become playable. Like maybe for specific missions, when Mario needs to clean up disgusting goop, like maybe poison, Aqua could spring into action and help clean it up. She could also help Mario cross large gaps with the hover nozzle. If she were in a 2D game, she’d likely be an “easy mode” character. Similar to Toadette, but not to the extent of Nabbit.

Aqua looks up to Mario as a hero (and sometimes a father figure) and wishes to be as heroic as him one day. She can relate to Luigi, as she can get scared a lot, with both comforting each other. She’s best friends with Toadette. She likes to have tea parties with her older sisters, Peach and Daisy. She loves to ride Yoshi. And is willing to take down Bowser like the rest of her friends.

Would be a dream come true to see Aqua in an official game (though it‘s definitely not happening). I’d see her debuting in a “SM64DS” esque Super Mario Sunshine remaster, with her being the starter character similar to Yoshi. Then when she appears in a Mario Kart game (and other spinoffs), she will NOT have a baby version since she’s already pretty young.

If you wanna get to know her more check out my fanfic “Super Mario Sunshine: A Sprite of Light” on FanFiction.Net.

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I know quite a few of you made some, it's not a simply a topic to show them off though.
I have a few questions for you
Do you have specific sub series or game in mind when making them?
What role would they have in an actual game?
What is their relationship to the Canon cast?
Would you like them to be in a official game?
Perhaps if you did not take inspiration from the games, where did you get the idea from?

That is all, creativity is always a good thing, darlings
My OC is Amanita! I made her originally for an old Discord comic called "Mushroom Kingdom Sewers BETA" done in the same format as my forum adventure of a similar name which featured her as an idol of Mario going committing crimes, resulting in her dying at the end, by a skeletal Boom Boom. The comic was made mostly to test out spiriting comics, which I only dabbled in one more time with another short comic, called "Mario Is Literally In Fucking Jail"
I decided to make her a toad who was themed around the Poison mushroom enemy. Her color pallet in her original sprite sheet actually came from the lost level's color pallet for the poison mushroom. It hasn't been shown in the forum comic yet, but she hurts everything she touches, just like a poison mushroom.
I think they'd be kind of like the Jr Troopa a minor enemy who shows up multiple times each time a bit stronger, but I think a shopkeeper in a secret shop would be another good role for her.
In the beta of Mushroom Kingdom Sewers she was an idol of Mario, but that isn't the case anymore.
She will probably fight most of The Smithy King, who came back, because they were all mas produced as seen in the final level of SMRPG.
Also, I think it would be cool if she ended up being in an actual Mario game, as long as it isn't intrusive and is just a minor role.
I drew a koopa with a karate suit and a rambo headband kicking Mario's ass when I was 10, and showed to my school partners enthusiastically because I thought it was badass. "Awesome" they said.

Same thing happened a week later for a shirtless chinese koopa wearing some sort of hakama pants and spinning some stick weapon thingy at Mario, Gordon Liu style.

Oh I also drew a violent war between some pissed nervous goombas and gloombas with evil grins too, when I was around 8 or 9. iirc there was some flying goomba dude with a propeller hat with a cannon sticking out of it, so I guess that counts too.

But that's about it. I took those drawings very seriously at that time, now I just laugh at them. They're all lost, btw.
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When creating my OCs, the inspiration for them can vary greatly depending on how I want to design them and how I want to portray their personality. Using Airashi Furuya as an example here (some artwork of her for those unfamiliar with the character):

Airashi Furuya (Maria Costume - 2020).png

In a sense, I guess her primary inspiration comes from female leads from various anime I've watched before. She's cheerful, energetic, and her love for Mario lends itself to not just comical moments, but as her motivation for wanting to become strong like he is (seeing as she doesn't want to be a typical damsel-in-distress; the idea of Mario getting hurt trying to protect her while she is unable to do a thing about it is something Airashi can't stand). She's not meant to be exclusive to a specific sub-series, I envision Airashi more as a Mario character in general (meaning she could be in the platformers, RPGs, and any of the spin-offs).

From the perspective of being an official character, you could say she'd be a main playable character, specifically as a female alternative to Mario (much like what is the norm for main line Pokemon games); hence why Airashi went out of her way to get an outfit that mimics his, learned some of his fighting techniques (with some differences), and so forth. Ironic seeing as personally I pick the boy character 95% of the time, but I always liked having the option there.

As implied earlier, Airashi is deeply in love with Mario, having known him since middle school. While she longs to be within his company whenever possible, she tends to be easily flustered and embarrassed should someone suspect romantic involvement (which is technically what she wants). She gets along well with Luigi by default, but doesn't like Princess Peach all that much; Airashi doesn't hate her, per se, but she tends to treat Peach rather passive-aggressively. She can't stand Wario, and absolutely hates Bowser (for obvious reasons).

Would I like for Airashi to become an official Super Mario character? Well, who wouldn't want their OC to attain such a status?! Means Nintendo actually, genuinely likes your idea enough to want to use them in official content! ...However, not if it means I lose creative control over her and they end up reworking Airashi into something she's not...

I know this is quite a mouthful, but I just love every opportunity to talk about my OCs...!😅


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I don't have a Mario OC, but I do have my own fictional universe I've created of which my PFP character is part of. Many others in that universe as well.


I did have something of an OC character. This was from many years ago when I was obsessed with Yoshi, I did the fusion dance (from DBZ) with Yoshi. I liked the fusion technique and wondered what would happen if I use it with other people and characters in games. The name was obviously a combination of mine and Yoshi's and we were a combination of Human and a Yoshi. I don't think I ever did draw how I thought it would look and maybe that was for the best. I was able to use Yoshi eggs and have a finisher where I can use an egg themed beam blast. (This was before Smash Bros Brawl was even a thing with the Smash ball). The OC would of course be a main character by default since I basically share bodies with Yoshi. Nothing about the relationship with the other characters changes.

Would I want the OC to be in a Mario game? No way, lol. I could see that type of character in a Smash game though.


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Siph, the Gemtone Mini-Yoshi
Siph - drawing.jpg

Do you have specific sub series or game in mind when making them?
Considering that A) he's a Mini-Yoshi, and B) I got him from a Paper Mario/MLP:FiM crossover fic (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds lol), I think it's easy to conclude that he was inspired by the TTYD Yoshi Kid (by which he was known at the time of Siph's creation). He even has four attacks, though only shares Gulp in common with the Glitz Pit champion.

What role would they have in an actual game?
He's my author avatar's adopted son, and would generally be a default partner to my shameless self-inserts in games if my brother isn't.

What is their relationship to the Canon cast?
He looks up to Yoshi (gee I wonder what influenced that?). He's also good friends with Bowser Jr., Larry Koopa, and Lemmy Koopa (though the latter likes everyone), and sleeps over at the castle sometimes, despite the strained relationship between J and the Koopas (basically I am to the Koopas what Wario is to the MarioBoard twins: a fun butt monkey).

Would you like them to be in a official game?
How I can dream lol, but that would require ME to also be in that game, which I doubt would ever happen.

Perhaps if you did not take inspiration from the games, where did you get the idea from?
While the TTYD Yoshi partner was the inspiration, I went steps further and made the Mini-Yoshis a subspecies of Yoshi due to the different eggs and how their color can be influenced before they hatch. I created a whole subspecies of Mini-Yoshi called Gemtone Mini-Yoshis, who are colored like precious stones with golden eyes and silver bellies, whose only (dis)advantage they have that distinguish them from regular Mini-Yoshis is that they reflect light really easily. For example, Siph shines a flashlight on himself to temporarily blind foes using this trait.
So yeah, I took ideas and ran with them. Nothing can stop me.

In conclusion
Siph is my precious little baby boi and I love him so so much. My Little Yoshi, My Little Yoshi...