Weatherstar4000video rant


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Weatherstar4000video is probably one of the worst Vyonders you will ever see:
1. He makes grounded videos out of fan-made Mario characters
2. He milks the hell out of almost all types of Vyond "genres" you name it, he has at least one video.
3. He RAGES IN ALL CAPS when he gets criticized.
4. He's 24 no, I'm not making this up.
5. He uses crap text-to-speech voices in his videos.

Fan-made Mario characters he uses:
Storm Bro
Desert Bro
Virus Bro
Buddy Bro
Ball Bro
Baseball Bro
Party Time Bro
Chomp Bro
Volleyball Bro
Princess Lumi
Dark Characters
Mr/Ms characters (on the same path as MR L)

Types of videos he makes:
Behavior card day videos
Grounded Videos
Character eliminations
Killing Videos


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I have no clue what a Vyonder is or who this guy even is lol

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I don't know what Vyonder is but it sounds like it's related to Go Animate based on that youtuber's content that I've seen here and there. It's just bad Flash-like animation with Family Guy esque characters and choppy .pngs of whatever the user wants, interacting with each other with text to speech voices and for some reason a common theme is a character getting grounded.

If that sounds confusing, exactly. It probably got popular because of a meme but it's just really cringy to me.


remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
i thought i might have watched one of his videos but no it was a idfferent guy
still was hilarious as hell though even as a game and watch main, or rather because of it. as he gets stabbed here. and then lays on the floor all night until he is found and only dies then

dark bowser(aka badly recolored mp8 bowser artwork), the guy who did it, goes through like 55454525 punishments and then dies too. tragic
it was like the funniest thing ive seen in a while


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I'm confused as to what any of this is supposed to be about and why I should care.


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At least it's a few steps up from your typical manipulative Youtube Kids trash, though you couldn't possibly set the bar any lower.


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I'm completely clueless as to the entire topic or point of this thread, nor do I see how the age of a creator is a valid criticism against their content.