What would be served at a Mario cafe?

Killsy Cat

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Some gaming franchises get cafes in Japan, oddly enough, Mario hasn't done this yet, if one were to open, what would they serve?
I think
.Mushroom themed shakes
.Peach's Cake
.DK banana bread
.Bowser curry
.Yoshi eggs
.Pancakes shaped like Mario's head with a tiny one for his nose and whip cream as a mustache
. Mama Mia's famous spaghetti
.Those candies that inspired Starbits

Mario's Painting

I'd like a cafe that serves raw Tropaeolum majus or stir fry Tropaeolum majus as a fire flower dish or something.

Should serve dried shredded squid as a snack; white as a blooper.

Round dimsum dumplings in the shape of a wiggler would be neato.

Bowser curry sounds nice, but what about spicy steak or drumsticks; Bowser eats meat, right?

Salad featuring vegetables from Super Mario Bros. 2

There can be steamed eggplant dish with raw garlic and soy sauce, Waluigi and Wario's dish.

Fish cake cubes with ? mark block design dyed on them; not sure if you can do this to tofu but cold tofu dishes like hiyayakko are perfect for ? Blocks and other blocks

Maybe I'm being a little literal with the food, haha.

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itd definitely have to have some kind of italian food, but japanese food would be a good choice too

hm, maybe it could be like one of those fusion restaurants and have both of them, id go there