Games you don't want a sequel to but something simular to it would be fine


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Sometimes, you want more of something but still don't want a sequel to it, here we talk about successors
The games I think of are Ghost Trick and Drawn to Life, I don't want to ruin the stories endings but I love the gameplay, so something like that would make me happy


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i want them to keep making animal crossing but i also want them to make another game that's LIKE animal crossing but instead of animals it's cute girls


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Kirby Star Allies. I absolutely loved the game and think it's among the best in the series, but I'm sure we can all agree that it's high time for a 3D Kirby to shake up the formula.

Wouldn't be opposed to another 2D Kirby somewhere down the line, though.

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I could've said Zelda Breath of The Wild but they already announced the sequel and I changed my mind.

Mario Odyssey on the other hand.......

I don't know why people keep asking for a Mario Odyssey 2 tbh. Now don't get me wrong. Maybe I'd be kinda happy if it happened, but I don't really feel like I want it, considering it most probably won't be as successful and fun as Mario Odyssey 1.

Maybe in the far future we'll get a Mario Odyssey remake or something considering the game will be considered a classic retro game by that time.


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Mario Odyssey remake, that sounds so weird...