SMM2 launch day thread


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Hey I was thinking we could post about if we're getting the game, and our first impressions of it when we get it in here. Personally, this is my last day of school, so me and all my friends are going out afterwards, and I'm gonna buy it what while I'm out. I'm really excited for this, I think I should be fine with a controller too. Some of the online stuff is really disappointing, but hey, that's Nintendo's online for you. They can make fucking killer games with horrible online (cough, cough SSBU.). What about you lads?


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I pre-ordered the game. It'll come sometime today.

Okay it's 2:30 AM and I need to go to sleep.

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I'm actually loving it. I've already made two levels and the editor is great, 3D World is great, Story Mode is really cool (it's basically just a full Mario game inside SMM2, and that's incredible), and I haven't even tried online yet. Unlike most people, I think that editing with a controller is waaaaay underrated.


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Unfortunately I had to spend my game budget for this month on getting a new micro SD Card for my Switch and card reader so I can move everything over from my old Micro SD card since both it and the internal storage has reached maximum capacity. So I'll probably have to wait a bit before I can get a chance to try it out.