Popular Youtuber, Etika, has taken his life

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I must admit, that I don't know much about him besides him being popular in the Smash community, however, any loss of life is tragic, it did not help a lot of people I seen treat him as a living joke instead of a person.

Having been suicidal myself as well as members of my family dealing with it, don't do it, the only way to stop this is to make the world kinder, stay cool, Iceman

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I'll just say that I didn't like the guy much. His reactions weren't all that funny to me, and his meme status just turned me away from his content.

But I'd never wish for something like this on anyone. Sorry to hear about everything he was going through, and I hope his family and friends are doing well. May he rest in peace.


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I don't know, besides the stories that were told of him and the fact that some of his reactions are so over the top that they're just not even funny, besides those things, Etika really seemed like a genuinely nice guy coming from the people who knew him, and even when he spoke seriously you could see how nice he could be.

RIP Etika.

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why do you guys feel the need to comment on the negatives, it feels a bit disrespectful imo.

anyway, i wish this didnt happen because i watched him quite a bit so i saw his chat act so stupid towards him whenever it was obvious that he was feeling down quite often. it feels so shit that the same people clowning him are the same people being like DAMN RIP ETIKA.
essentially bullying an already suicidal person is wrong to the highest degree, and i swear to god i wish all those people were banned before it happened. but it happened, and this is hindsight. ill miss him a lot, its just something i need a while to truly take in. i hope people remember the joyconboyz thing for a long time, to honor him and what he stood for and wanted.
sorry for the long post i just have a lot of thoughts on the situation

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Kars said:
it feels so *bleep* that the same people clowning him are the same people being like dang RIP ETIKA.
Doesn't help that he said something about wanting his death to be a joke, making some fans actually regard this as such. The internet being the internet, everything has to be a meme, and I'm not joking about that.

Still, it's incredibly disrespectful. Whether you knew someone personally, only interacted over the internet, only watched their videos, are just learning about them for the first time, or hated them, someone died. That's not a joking matter.