New Years Resolutions for 2019


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Probably a wee bit too early for this particular thread since it is still nine more days until Christmas, but I figure I might as well be the first one to create it. Unfortunately I was unable to keep most of my 2018 resolutions with the exception of one, so I am hoping that 2019 at least will be better year in that department.

My 2019 Resolutions:

~ Overcome laziness and pierce through all seventy-three pages of that accursed driver's manual so that I can obtain my license.
~ Stick to a more consistent drawing schedule and practice more often.
~ Lose some weight when summer rolls around.
~ Try to be more social IRL.
~ Become more proficient at cooking.


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Well, first of all, these were my 2018 resolutions:

Alex95 said:
*Get a job
*Get a driver's license
*Get Power Master released
*Get own place
*Get a girlfriend
*Get healthier
*Get YouTube channel back up and running

Let's see how many of those I get done
Ones in blue I was actually able to complete. Red means I'm in the process of completing it. So the red and black ones I'm hoping to have done in 2019.

Course, we still have two weeks left in 2018 :p


Lucinavidad said:
we're one year closer to the end of earth. i've decided to intensify my job hunt and at least reduce my smack talking people who arent present (if not completely)

how about you guys
well i successfully got a job so i guess that counts. didnt even remotely accomplish the latter tho lol

that said my goal for this year will be to move into my own apartment/house/whatever. im also gonna try and actually beat all the games i own which wont happen but resolutions are rarely kept anyways

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My resolutions:

-Get a job
-Buy and play all mainstream Mario games
-Gain as much weight as possible (for some reason I'm rather thin despite my undying love of food)
-Get myself a GameCube controller and memory card so I can start playing GameCube games
-Finish watching the Kirby TV episodes (I have 22 left, may finish this year)
-Get better at time management
-Become a better person
-Live until 2020


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I don't make resolutions because I probably wouldn't be able to complete them. But just for kicks...
I resolve to complete at least the main story of Yoshis Crafted World by the end of 2019.

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I don't do new year's resolutions, due to them being bound to fail.

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Grow more of a spine, as it is, I'm too hesitant to say no, this can help both me and others

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Grima said:
*get HDs for my classes this year and figure out what I want to do after uni
*maintain my health and try to improve it
*finish getting my license early in the year
*get a partner and be more social in general
*switch jobs
*stop spending money on dumb shit and save for my own apartment so i can move out sometime next year
i achieved none of these, yay

my new years resolution is to do my 2018 resolutions except add in "read more" and "stop dwelling on stupid shit"


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- Try and have a well through a plan to attend my Universities Campus
- Finish School in June 2020 and get my Bachelor's
- Try and get a job or an internship in the Information Technology Industry
- Try and gain more friends
- Get out more and try and enjoy life
- Cut the junk food, and eat healthier
- Try and lose about 8 to 10 pounds by next year
- Do my best in PC and the Shroom'
i dont remember what my 2018 resolution was but I'm confident I accomplished it.

2019 resolution is to do whatever my 2018 resolution was again.


Koopa Troopa
- Learn more about animation/ puppet rigging
- Finally go to a convention
- socialize more often
- Get over my anger issues


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My only two resolutions for 2019 are to come out to more people and to fix my depression, or at least start on the path to curing it.