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So since the last 2 weeks, my Joy-Cons started to malfunction. For example, sometimes, when I press a button, the action that was supposed to happen happens like 3 seconds after I press the button. Or sometimes, when I flick the Joystick Somewhere, the pointer won't stop going in that direction even if I'm not touching the Joystick. Or when I press a button, it won't stop getting triggered. This usually happens in Mario Odyssey, Breath Of The Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ans Sometimes even the Home Screen. What is happening!?!? How do I fix it!?!? Did this ever happen to you?

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question to help narrow down possible causes: how are you using your switch/joycon when this problem occurs? handheld, tabletop, tv, a mix of all of them?

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sorry for the late response, meant to post again but forgot about it
anyway if it only happens during tv mode then the most likely problem is a bad bluetooth connection. not sure if this is something that all switch hardware deals with, but i also occasionally have similar issues with this as well (although it sounds like yours are more severe). i find that making sure nothing is between the joycon and the switch itself helps make the connection better. so stuff like making sure that the switch isn't behind anything (like your tv) and that there's no objects blocking the signal (even something like having your leg or a blanket in the way can cause some interruption from what i've experienced)
otherwise you may need to either contact nintendo for support/repairs or maybe try a new pair of joycons


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I used to have this problem and sent it to Nintendo for repairs. Before this I found it would happen more if the batteries were low. So, I guess in the mean time try to have lots of charge in them.

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any sort of communications device between your joycons and the switch (phone, computer, etc), and even just metallic objects in general can aggravate the problem, so make sure the path is clear