Whose your favorite Super Mario Bros. 2 boss?

Whose your favorite Super Mario Bros. 2 boss?

  • Birdo

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  • Mouser ("Here.... Have some bombs!")

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  • Tryclyde ("Step right up, if you're ready to get toasted!")

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  • Fryguy ("I'm too hot to touch!")

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  • Robirdo

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  • Hawkmouth

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  • Wart ("I am the Great Wart! Wah, ha ha!!")

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Sir Grodus

King Bowser
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8. Clawgrip ("Arrr! You'll make a tasty treat!")

What the title says; personally, I like them all.... except Birdo and Robirdo ("This is as far as you'll go!" STOP! SAYING! THAT!). But if I had to choose, I'd go with Mouser.
Considering, way back when I played Super Mario Bros. 2, I couldn't ever get past Mouser, I can't say I know to much about the others. xD Birdo always stumped me too. (Maybe it was all the extra-hard cheat codes I was punching in... gotta love that ol' cheats and secrets book I had.. xDD)
So, I chouse Mouser. xD
I did'nt played SMB2 in a long time,but I remenber that Clawgrip fight was fun.But since he's not on the poll,I vote Tryclyde.
Crap! I forgot Clawgrip (how!?! He's my second favorite)...... if everyones willing to delete their posts, I can add him. *nervous chuckle* Or I can just recreate the poll and abandon this one.... Or just do nothing.
Saaaaay? Can administrators, like, add Clawgrip ("Arrr! You'll make a tasty treat!") to the poll or delete this topic or something, so I can make another with him on it?
I'll go with Birdo. (I'm ready for you this time) for pure W00T/\/3s, Mouse for being so friggin hard, and Wart because I love the phrase "tyrannical frog"

You don't see it coming. The thing surprises you. I was surprised as a kid.
Well, I like them all, but I think my favorite is Triclyde.
He is a giant-fire-breathing-snake with three heads! Isn't that tottaly cool? 8)
a.k.a that really super hard game that makes you break your controller and cry.

Just beat Wart (as Toad) he was easier than I expected...