Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

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A thread to discuss the newly announced Animal Crossing game on Mobile Phones.

This would be my first AC game.

FYI, The game is supposed to release on late November. But the Android version of the game is already released in Australia, via Google Play Store (soft launch?).

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Yeah it's currently up on Australian servers! I've spent about half an hour with it already

some impressions of mine:
*Tutorials for literally everything. Everything is simplified from fishing to bug catching, as the game gives you notifications when you need to tap to catch the fish/bug.
*Pick one of four starting camps that the game will use for a tutorial (and get you the villager in said tutorial), but all furniture is available to make from cyrus. Natural = Goldie, Cute = Rosie, Sporty = Jay, Cool = Apollo. I went with cool and got lots of Modern furniture to start with.
*Extremely quest based: you have 5 areas to explore for fruit/bugs/fish and give them to villagers you want in your campsite. AFAIK the villagers listed above are the starting villagers everyone gets access to from the beginning. Apparently villagers "move" every 3 hours or so, but idk if that means they leave or shift locations.
*You need to build certain pieces of furniture that appeal to Villagers and raise their friendship high enough to get them in your campsite.
*Whats neat about this is that you can "set up furniture automatically" which will temporarily put down the required furniture for a villager, and then you can choose to "remove automatically placed furniture" after the villager has moved in to reset back to your camp layout. Really intuitive because it means you just need the furniture in your inventory and not in your campsite to get a villager.
*The game is throwing Leaf Tickets (which are used for a lot of things), resources and free shit at me because its launch week/month and has a similar daily log-in bonus to Fire Emblem Heroes
*You spend leaf tickets to speed things up instantly from fruit collecting to bug harvesting to even mining for ore. Usual cooldown for these things is 3 hours.
*Bad: timed exclusive furniture for KK Slider's and Tom Nook's seats, which cost a whopping 250 Leaf Tickets each, and are only available for 40~ days. Whats special about these is that a) cant be crafted b) KK Slider and Tom Nook visit you only if you have these pieces set.
*to put 250 in perspective, I havent seen/done many of the bonuses but I've only accumulated 121 tickets since starting, this is including bonus log-ins and a 100 ticket bonus for linking a nintendo account.
*You can level up your friendship with individual villagers for rewards but there's a general "camp manager" level-up that has bigger rewards and is filled by completing quests/talking to villagers.
*No gacha villager pulls, rip 5* Scoot Lance Cavalier
*Cute game, but part of me doubts itll get as much revenue as Fire Emblem: Buy Orbs


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infinite8 said:
FYI, The game is supposed to release on late November. But the Android version of the game is already released in Australia, via Google Play Store (soft launch?).
i think it’s to test server strength

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Now on the site is a Friend Finder game, you can take a quiz and get matched to a villager! You can even retake it if you don't get the one you want.

I recommend playing it on a tablet browser though, otherwise it's a bit too zoomed in and things don't load


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So Lebanon is not currently on the country availability page, so let’s hope it eventually gets added, because Nintendo just CAN’T show me a game I want and tell me I can’t have it.


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That’s independance day in Lebanon. They have to release it there.

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Game got released one day early, eh, fine by me, if any of you folks want to be my friend, here's my ID:


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Pfft, nothing is going to stop me from going full Saint Nick for the rest of the year...

...until they obviously release the Waluigi cap.

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I’ve finally actually bothered to download the game.

Friend Code: 76091225095

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According to the briefing today, the majority of users who play this game are females, and most of those are adults. I wonder what all the factors are. Although, females are more social then men are. And would get more value from this game possibly.


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I downloaded this app yesterday just for the crystal items.