Koops' 'Shroom sections (Travel Guide, open for suggestions)

Issue 148: GlitzVille

Well... it's here, boys. A follow-up to the previous section.

And yes... I will be putting Travel Guide on hiatus for now. Shocking, I know, but worry not, I have plans for you... you'll see when the time comes.
Just a little ol' bump to say that Issue 150 will see a new section made de Chez Koops.

It's yet still a surprise. You will see it in the Strategy Wing. Be prepared!
I know this is an obvious one, but Toad Town from BiS

You may want to wait a bit for this one. I'm not doing Travel Guide for a while, and instead something else is leering from behind the curtains. I cannot guarantee that everyone will like it but you'll see.

I'll probably make another thread for it though because I wouldn't want to mix it up with this. I just won't make the other thread yet because the first section needs to appear first.

That said, that adds another location to when I do take back Travel Guide. So thanks either way!