Super Mario 64 DS

OH, YEAH! Like, second-best DS game. Sweet.
Actually, it was because it was my first DS game and I didn't have anything else to play.

I think I've only beaten it once more since I've expanded my library.
I have played it on my cousins DS (don't have it yet) and i'm gonna say that it's Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the original 64."ducks"
ZoMG! *beats ultimatetoad with a lead pipe*

Just kidding; I think its an alright game, for some reason I never really liked Super Mario 64 that much.
Meh. I've always had a hatred of the SM64 controls, they felt (as one reviewer put it) flighty. But anyway, the bad things about the game:

Why is Wario playable? Would'nt he make a better boss?
Why have hats that can turn one character into another? kinda pointless.....
Why can't Yoshi punch
Joke. I yell out to random gods when trying to make a point..... yesterday It was Odin...
Yes. The only one I will NOT yell out to is Apollo, I hate that conceited son of a b****.

But, back on topic. Toad was, according to the Sm64/DS instruction book, kidnapped with Peach. He could have had a much bigger role than that....
That's nice, grabbing free Stars from Toads.

I think TEH HARDEST Star is the 100 Coin Star in Tick Tock Clock.