Mario A-Z Game


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Point of the game is to post something Mario-related the starts with the next letter of the alphabet. It can be anything from the name of an item, character, or stage. It just has to start with the next sequential letter.

Some rules:
  • Only post things that are from the Mario Universe and nothing vague. For example, you can't post "chair" or Link.
  • No double-posting to keep the game going on your own. Only your first post in the line will count.
  • Once someone posts something beginning with Z, the next person to post must start the list over with something starting with A.
  • Subjects with a number at the start of the name are allowed, but you have to correspond it with the starting letter of the number (for example, 9-Volt would go under "N").
  • Subject cannot be another user or whatever from the Mario Wiki. While we are Mario-related, we are not from the Mario Universe.
  • You can link to the subject if you want to, in order to clarify what it is.

If the next post should break a rule, the next person to post should post the next correct response.

Now then, I'll start.

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