Request: An article for Super Mario Run's Kingdom Builder


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Can anybody make an article for the Super Mario Run's Kingdom Builder feature?

I'd like to know what decors/decals, buildings and shops are available. :)
I think it could fit in the main Super Mario Run article depending on the amount of content it has, but if there's tons of content for that mode to designate its own article, I don't see why not.


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I think it would be best if we designate it to its own article, because I know we're gonna have a LOT of stuff for the Kingdom Builder. :)


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Well, there's a demo version available now.

Is the Kingdom Builder available in the demo version?


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While I know that double posting is wrong, but I just wanedt to let everyone know that Super Mario Run has now been released for your Mobile Apple Devices.

With that in mind, could anybody make an article for the Kingdom Builder Feature to go along with the main article?
Depends if there's enough content for Kingdom Builder to have its own article.

Signs point to yes from what I've seen through video footages based on the buildings and crap you can do to it but unfortunately I'm not a sucker for Apple so I can't own the game even if I wanted to.


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Then I guess it's up to those who have an Apple Mobile Device to do their part.

Unfortunately, I also am not a sucker for Apple Devices, either.
Now that there's a lot of Kingdom Builder items in this game and there's a List of Kingdom Builder item names in other languages page in MarioWiki, we can put a lot of stuff.

We can set it up in as a table. For example:

5-star items
ImageItemTypeDescriptionObtained fromSpaces needed
imgMario StatueBuildingA statue of everyone's favorite hero, Mario. Just looking at this statue can cheer you up.Remix 10
1 square

I'll explain some of the headers.
Building: Can be placed in non-grassy spaces, and not on grassy spaces.
Decoration: Can be placed in grassy spaces, and not on non-grassy spaces.
Special: eg. Special Course pipes, Bonus Game Houses, Character Houses, ? Blocks

Obtained from-
Shop: via Kingdom Builder shop
Remix 10: Bonus Game or Super Bonus Game in Remix 10
Event: eg. Gold Goomba event, Promotional event (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey)
My Nintendo: Redeem points for items

Spaces needed-
1 square ( )

2 squares ( )( )

4 squares ( )( )
( )( )