Prelude to the recolored Paper tale...


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I, TYROREXDMZ (hereafter also referred to as “DMZapp”, “I”, ”my”, and all first person pronouns) permanently and irrevocably waive any and all rights to Nintendo Co. Ltd (hereafter also referred to as "Nintendo", “Nintendo of Japan”, "them", "their" and "they") regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as any further post I personally make in this topic/thread and/or any other dedicated topics/threads on any website, message board or discussion platform anywhere, including website types not mentioned or yet to be discovered/invented. I also waive any & all rights to Nintendo regarding images I personally create, alter and/or display in some way regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as the ideas the images convey. All loopholes which would circumvent the intention of this waiver (TO GIVE NINTENDO THE RIGHTS TO NEW IDEAS REGARDING PAPER MARIO SO THEY AREN'T LOCKED OUT OF SELECT PARTS OF THEIR OWN FRANCHISE) are closed.

This is a repost of a topic on GameFAQs and Mario RPG Universe. If you already frequent those sites, you may have already seen this topic.

I am TyrorexDMZ aka DMZapp. I am a huge fan of the Mario series- specifically Paper Mario. Paper Mario 64 and Super Paper Mario were always my favorites, despite some rough edges.

Due to the actions of the 3DS/Wii U era development team for the series, however, the series was left with rusted blades. Eventually, I got motivated enough to try and make a stand. Over the years, I've done two original fan topics (entitled Paper Mario Relic Hunter and Paper Mario Wonder Journey), and two recuts of the 3DS era games. They weren't actual (re)programmed games, however (something that would get on Nintendo's nerves). They just described (and eventually visualized) the things I would do.

When Color Splash was announced in March 2016, people realized it was similar to Sticker Star in it's ideals. Wonder Journey was made in 3 months in response to this. The E3 2016 further demonstrated the developers (especially the producers...) don't really "get" the series. Needless to say, I felt I had to do something once again.

That's why, now, I am announcing the forthcoming, to eventually be posted here on Super Mario Boards...Paper Mario: Color Splash Recut [DMZ ver].

*Box-art subject to change.

Like the previous Recut topics, Color Splash Recut will rectify many inevitable rougher points of the original game, while working alongside the new ideas. The Toad population being severely cut down and replaced/visually individualized where appropriate (including 1 never-before-seen friendly species)? Check. Another villain group (already decided upon) fighting against the Koopalings and their Master (whomever it could possibly be)? Check. Partners and heavily overhauled "Things" (given a new-ish, yet familiar overarching name)? Check. In fact, despite being a Recut, it's more a hybrid between that and a new creation.

Due to the late posting of this topic to this forum, I've had several assets prepared already. New model sheets, new takes on the story, and all that good stuff.

Two things to state, though. First, instead of reposting all 4 preceding fangame topics here again, I'll just post the links to them. If you've already seen them at reddit or read them when they came out, you can skip to the next section. Technically, I could do the same with this very topic as well- but where's the fun in that? Let's just say...some stuff from these topics might be pertinent to the upcoming Color Splash Recut...
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RELIC HUNTER (2013, 2016)
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Second thing is clarifying just what that scary waiver is doing up there. Well, while I don't expect them to ever actually happen for various obvious reasons, it's still best/safer for everyone that I type it, than inadvertently letting these situations happen... (CTRL + F "For many years, Bradley")

Full topic quicklinks:
ACT 1:
ACT 2:
ACT 3+:


Shy Guy
+The Koopalings and their Master are not the only ne'er-do-wells on the island. Another villain force local to the island, the Prism Musketeers, pose a problem to every local citizen.
+Rather than a generic Toad, Toadsworth accompanies Mario and Peach to the island.
+The Big Paint Stars are renamed the Grand Paint Stars.
+As said before, many Toads are dropped for more appropriate species.
++TOWN SQUARE: A boiling pot of species.
++STARTING AREA: Brustaches [DMZ veterans] Living paintbrushes. Come in two genders and various ages.
++FOREST AREA: Retains most of Toad population, though still individualized for many members.
++Two other species- one reverse-engineered from an existing Paper Mario character, another completely new.

+Damage numbers and exact enemy HP are shown in battle (though the amount of HP each enemy has is also still visually represent by how much they're "filled").
+Enemies summoned by cards no longer run from bosses. Instead, a new "mark" mechanic is implemented.
++Each card has a visible "mark" on it, pertaining to whom the enemy serves- the Koopalings, the new villains, and possibly other marks related to other ideals. Some cards don't have a mark.
++Unmarked cards can be used on any enemy or boss. However, they're much weaker than marked cards (about x0.7)
++Marked cards, meanwhile, are much stronger and durable. However, for every enemy with the same mark on the other side, the summoned card loses x0.1 their ATK. Fighting against bosses, meanwhile, reduces their power further by x0.4.
EX1 A Slurp Guy fights 2 other Slurp Guys. The Slurp Guy on Mario's side has 7 ATK. All 3 are allied with the Koopalings. Therefore...
=(7 (1-(0.1(2)+0.4(0))))RNDUP
=(7 (1-(0.2)))RNDUP
=(7 (0.8 ))RNDUP
=6 ATK
EX2 A Dry Bones fights 2 Dry Bones, 1 Slurp Guy and 1 Musketeer boss. The Dry Bones on Mario's side has 8 ATK. All but the Slurp Guy are allied with the Musketeers. Therefore...
=(8 (1-(0.1(2)+0.4(1))))RNDUP
=(8 (1-(0.6)))RNDUP
=(8 (0.4))RNDUP
=4 ATK
+If non-card summoned enemies with opposing marks are in the same battle, they'll fight each other first. While this can be useful, enemies defeated by other non-card enemies do not drop EXP Paint. In other words, in example 2, the opponent Dry Bones and Musketeer boss would back and forth with the solo Slurp Guy before fighting Mario, and vice versa.
+HP levels up alongside the Paint Meter.
++Mario starts the game with 20 HP, rather than 50. Enemy attack is recalculated accordingly.
+Enemy super attacks, such as Morton's Flame Hammer, are nerfed heavily. While they still drop a lot of HP, it's not to the point of forcing a single solution.
++EX Morton's Flame Hammer inflicted 48 damage in the demo, even with blocking. Now, on top of other changes with Morton, the attack only inflicts 10 damage unblocked.
+Things are renamed "Artifacts".
++Artifacts are redesigned to look like Mario characters.
++While Artifacts are still used to unlock certain spots in the overworld, they're no longer cards. Instead, they're equippables.
+++Mario starts the game with 1 slot for equippable Artifacts. By the end, he'll have 5 slots. However, some stronger Things take up 2 slots.
++Due to the negativity it caused, the Fan Thing has been removed. Replacing it is the Fwoosh Propeller.
++All these changes mean bosses have new, extra weaknesses to fill in the difference (though some Artifacts can be equipped to still exploit them).
+Partners return. While they still have overworld moves for new/reworked puzzles, they provide passive perks in battle.
++Partners have a Partner Meter that can be filled using Paint-fuelled attacks. When the meter is full, the Partner unleashes their own power.
+++Some Partner's Meters can be fueled with all three paints, though it fills slower. Others can only be filled with two paints, yet it fills quicker.


Shy Guy

EDWIN (Slurple): Months ago, this youth came to Prism Island to learn under the Musketeers. It’s not to strengthen himself or protect others, though- he just wants to make lots and lots of money with their skills. Edwin believes he needs every coin he can get.
o PASSIVE ABILITY: Coin Pincher (gain x1.2 the coins after battle)
o PARTNER ATTACK (2 paints): Bag Bounce (inflict damage on 3 enemies)

MARIRANA D[EEPS] (Beepboxer): A singer known in circles of the Mushroom Kingdom, Marirana often pulls off obscene things during her acts, in the name of spreading her message. Though popular with many, these actions have lead for some movements to stop her concerts.
o PASSIVE ABILITY: Not for Everyone (healing item potency is increased by x1.5.)
o PARTNER ATTACK (all paints): Off-Color Lyrics (sound wave attack, inflicts more damage on aerial enemies)


SUEBELLE D[EEPS] (Beepboxer): Marirana’s goth twin sister. She’s a bit of a pessimist, never completely gelling with her sister. She also doesn’t care much about others. You’d have to do something truly special to earn Suebelle’s attention.

TOADSWORTH: Peach’s most trusted advisor, Toadsworth’s polite mannerisms are compromised by his tendency to be, for lack of a better term, a worrywart.

THE PRISM MUSKETEERS: Three strangely garbed characters who live on Prism Island. They have been trying to reach the bottom of the island for years, for some unknown reason.

o AACE (Sleepy Boo)- The leader of the Musketeers, Aace is most likely to come up with a solution to a problem. It seems something is on his mind, though- something that haunts him, of all people…

o CUCLEER (Coo Coo)- It’s not just Cuucleer’s hair that’s split- his own mind can never decide whether to engage what he believes is right, or what he knows is wicked.

o PITHOLL (Pianta)- Pitholl has been a total slave for fashion from the day he was born. Making fun of him for it is ill-advised, since…well, have you seen this guy?!

o PERRY (Goomba): Despite his walking problem, Perry is a persistent Goomba who will dog his enemies to the ends of the earth. Despite joining the Prism Musketeers' forces shortly after an interdimensional incident, Perry comes into conflict with Mario- someone he's had a history with...


Shy Guy

(Memphawk): A bird person with a strange way of talking, spouting words like “Pisano”. Louis really loves pasta of all kinds- well, except for spicy pasta. Ever since he heard Mario’s name and watched his victory in Glitzville, Lou has looked up to Mario as a role model. Hmm...something about this guy seems rather- ah, I'm probably imagining things.
o PASSIVE ABILITY: Memphawk in the Wind (increases the power of Mario’s jump attacks by x1.5)
o PARTNER ATTACK (2 paints): Memphawk Slam (slams on the middlemost enemy, unleashing a shockwave afterwards)

PIANTAS (platformer veterans) [ ]
Pianta construction pieces:

MEMPHAWK (new-ish) [ ]: A species of humanoid bird people, these guys and girls love the art of physical combat. Their strongest fighter is well renowned in a famous fighting pit.

+As they both got booted from the Recut of Paper Jam, Buzzy Beetle and Dry Bones both make it in for sure this time. However, they both receive some redesigns. Both mix their original Paper trilogy look with the main series, though it gravitates more in the former's favor.

MARK: None

MARK: Musketeers
Fun Story: This redesign of Dry Bones was meant to show up in Wonder Journey. It was changed due to story reasons with the setting.


Shy Guy
+While visual paper jokes will still be kept, written paper jokes will be replaced with equivalent concepts in the actual world. This will be done in an attempt to better let the reader/"player" connect with the world of Prism Island.


BRUSTACHES (DMZ veteran)- Living paintbrushes. As it turns out, Pastelora is not the only art-themed region these upper class folks live on- they make their home on Prism Island, too! Let's hope others from that continent are just as friendly here.

[ ]- Even though Perry is the only Goomba currently on the island, the second-oldest Mario enemies and their flying counterparts still forage around. Not only do they come in different colors- they also come in different looks, indicating their allegiances.
+GREEN: Unmarked
+RED: Koopalings
+BLUE: Musketeers

Several enemies have counterparts on both sides of the conflict, from exact to completely off the mark. Some even have unmarked counterparts.
*Enemy roster may change when actual Color Splash releases.
*Enemy roster will keep to the average size of 37 unique enemies & 37 palette swaps/model mods.
+Clubba (Koopalings), Spike (Musketeers)
+Koopatrol (Koopalings), Broozer (Musketeers)
+Dry Dry Pokey (Koopalings), Drybake Pokey (Musketeers), Green Pokey (unmarked)
+Lava Bubble (Koopalings), Phantom (Musketeers)
+Scuttlebug [Galaxy] (Koopalings), Arantula (Musketeers)
+Fuzzy (unmarked)
+Crazy Dayzee (unmarked)


Shy Guy

VELLBEX (completely new species)- Goats who live in the pale blue parts of Prism Island. These civilized animals like to chew on their own tail tips (which normally grow back), as well as other thin foods. Due to a conflict that occurred over 1000 years ago, there's not many of them left. Over this span of time, the Vellbex have relied on themselves and others to keep their race going. Modern Vellbex still resemble their ancestors- but only if one were to squint... after hitting their head... due to spinning around too fast.

[ ]- A swordfish who grazes the kelp around it.
MARK: Musketeers
LOCATION: Bloo Bay Beach (replaces some Cheep Cheeps, who are unmarked)
Doctored screenshot of Cutlad in battle:

Altered screenshot:
+As with Sticker Star Recut, the Battle Spinner is gone. Instead, Mario simply gets 3 card minimum every turn. Enemy stats are recalculated in light of this.
+The Partner Attack Meter can be seen, situated above where the EXP bar is in the actual game.
+2 slots for equipped Artifacts can be seen, near HP. I...haven't lowered the HP in this shot.

Fan> Fwoosh Propeller
Battery> Amp Battery
Fire Extinguisher> Freezie Extinguisher
Cat-o-Luck> Super Bell-o-Luck

+If two different artifacts give contradicting effects to the same type of attack, the first-most equipped Artifact wins out.
Fwoosh Propeller- All Jump attacks gain/change to a Wind attribute.
Amp Battery- All multi-enemy attacks gain/change to an Electric attribute.
Freezie Extinguisher- All Hammer attacks gain/change to a Water attribute.
Super Bell-o-Luck (2 slots)- Over-KO hits give 2 coins, rather than 1.


Shy Guy

Doctored screenshot of Brustaches in Town Square, plus altered Toad sign

[ ]- These living cacti aren't just a dream- they're your worst nightmare! As seen, Pokeys come in three varieties. No matter who they're allied with, however, one thing is certain- you gotta beat'em all!
DRY DRY YELLOW- Koopalings. The Koopalings and their Master actually "borrowed" (stole) these guys from Dry Dry Desert to Prism Island.
DRYBAKE YELLOW- Musketeers. Regardless of the distance, these Pokeys are said to descend from an ancient faraway Pokey population. How they got all the way here is a mystery...
DRYBAKE GREEN- Unmarked. The Green Pokeys of Prism Island descend from the batting team of the very first pharaoh of the Drybake Stadium- Tower Power Pokeyhotep.
Extra Model Sheet: 2 segments remaining ( )
Extra Model Sheet: 1 segment remaining ( )
Extra Model Sheet: head only plus extra attack ( )


Shy Guy
+Morton gets his personality from Mario & Luigi Paper Jam (a tough guy who's more perceptive than he looks), rather than talking like a dumb brute. His lines are changed accordingly, in tune with the next change.
EDWIN: Out of the way, Morton! I might not be with Aace anymore, but I can still ruin your day!
MORTON: Zip it, pennybags! I want the Paint Star more! It’s mine more! It’s even in my name- Morton! Or More Tons! I'll crush you three right now!

MORTON: Uh, OK. This COULD be a problem.

+Morton is fought a few levels before Crimson Tower. As the game hasn't been released, it's of course yet to be decided where exactly. Instead, Pitholl and Cucleer are the chapter boss.
+Nevertheless, at least two different chapter boss battles for the Grand Paint Stars still involve the Koopalings.

The following assumes the Red Area is first, and that Mario doesn't go anywhere else.
Mario and Huey walk into the boss room, to see Pitholl and Cucleer.
PITHOLL: Isn’t it MAR-vel-OUSSS?! We found the Crimson Paint Star!

HUEY: Look! It’s the Crimson Paint Star!
EDWIN: Uh, yeah. We can see that, Huey! But…it’s just like Aace said. It’s asleep.
CUCLEER: Pitholl! Look- it’s that Mario guy! SHOULD WE JAB HIS FACE!? Or…do we just let him off with a warning? Come on, what do you SAAAAY!?
PITHOLL: This ruffian? He should know- we found this drab thing first! If he wants it, Cucleer, he’ll have to survive our SPEC-tacle of moves!

PITHOLL: The au-DACity! The everlasting SHAME! A mere recruit bested a COMMANDER in the Prism Musketeers!? A REAL tragedy today!
EDWIN: I’m no recruit! I could be a better Musketeer than you two!
CUCLEER: Why did you three do it? WE WERE GOING TO STAMP YOU INTO THE GROUND! Then, we were going to throw a great big party! Now, Aace isn’t going to like this! HE’LL ANNIHALATE YOU! And that won't be right for anyone!
PITHOLL: Until next time, penny pinching vagaBOND! Cucleer- awAAAAAAAAAAAY!
Cucleer picks up Pitholl. The two fly out the window.
EDWIN: Oh no- if Aace gets involved, we’ll stand no chance!
HUEY: Whoever this guy is, he’s really turning my paint. But hey- at least we found the Crimson Paint Star!
Huey flies up to the Crimson Paint Star.
HUEY: Looks like it’s fainted from being so dried out…
Huey turns around.
HUEY: OK, Mario and Edwin! Jump into it and wake it up!

After the cutscene of the Crimson Paint Star restoring the gate…
Pitholl and Cucleer walk up to a Boo with a Musketeer hat and a blue mustache with red tinges (Mario and Huey haven't met Aace personally yet).
AACE: So, mah faithful Musketeers? How did the mission go?
PITHOLL: It was GREAAT at first! We made an INCREDIBLE headway in the Crimson Tower! The Crimson Paint Star was within our GRASP!
CUCLEER: But then something bad happened, Aace. THIS SNOTTY RED MAN STOLE THE STAR FROM UNDER US!
AACE: A red man, ya say? That sounds mighty peculiar. Did he have a big 'ol mustache on him, by chance?
PITHOLL: That sounds INCREDIBLY like the crook who DECIMATED us! How did you KNOW?
AACE: Let's just say… ah have friends in all sorts 'a places.


Shy Guy

MERLON- After mysteriously being absent from the Decal Lands, some swindling bird taking the moniker in a round dimension, and reuniting with the very first in one possible version of an interdimensional escapade, Mario finally meets another actual Merlon. This time, the Prism Island shaman with this name bequeaths powerful charms that can make or break a battle. When not granting magic, Merlon assists in teaching local Brustaches how to steady themselves.

(unknown Flipflopper subspecies) [ ]- Former minion of Count Bleck. O'Chunks decided to cross dimensions and bring Nastasia somewhere to relax and enjoy the sites. However, he couldn't have picked a worse time to come, due to the whole "Koopaling vs Musketeer" thing. Now, this huge brute may have to dish out a chunking.

KERSTI(Sticker Fairy)(Recut version) [ ]- A self-professed Sticker Fairy. Though Kersti was a huge obnoxious jerk at first, the efforts of Mario's friends- plus a sacrifice- got her to completely change her ways. She returns again to Prism Island, as something has drawn the Sticker Comet there...
...Now that I think about it, does Kersti still not know the truth about the Royal Stickers?

+As with both versions of Sticker Star, there's multiple answers to a Paperization (or maybe Cardization...?) Zone. Also, like the Recut version, at least one relevant Artifact is in plain sight, or the level is engineered so Mario will get at least one by braving the level's obstacles.
+However, this time, Mario gets extra cards depending on which Artifact he places into the Paperization Zone. The harder to find or more unorthodox the relevant Artifact is, the more or rarer cards Mario gets.
+EXAMPLE (rhetorical) Mario can find the Fwoosh Propeller in plain sight. However, though the Bloo Bay Beach Paperization Zone accepts it as an answer, there's two harder-to-find (currently made-up) Artifacts that grant more potent cards.

FWOOSH PROPELLER (in plain sight, Mario walks right past it): 1 Worn-Out Jump Card
EYEROK HAND FAN (behind a secret door Mario can enter prior to BBB): 1 Jump Card
BLOOPER BATON (hidden in the scenery of an optional screen): 1 Shiny Jump Card


Shy Guy
+Though it's likely not every item in this category will be in the actual Color Splash, all of Sticker Star's Things have been converted to Artifacts. That way, I'll be ready.
+As a completely unintentional side effect (I genuinely wasn't planning this next part), all Scissor things have been changed into Swords and Sabres.

+As a few previous posts have indicated (including the one immediately before this), though the original trilogy gets top priority, Color Splash Recut will more openly use material or character reinterpretations introduced in previous DMZ topics. This is in contrast to Paper Jam Recut, where only one DMZ original thing was utilized (and not openly, as to give the original trilogy characters more time).
++Regarding how the new stories will be handled (Wonder Journey and Relic Hunter), some stuff will be re-explained as though it were the first time explained, if it becomes pertinent in Color Splash Recut. That way, people won't necessarily have to reread the topic again, though they'll know the "full context" right away if they did.
++Regarding how the Recuts will be addressed, it will be done in a way where those only familiar with the originals can still read along.
++As the "loose memory" angle Mario & Luigi: Dream Team utilized was not received the best, a different approach will be used.


PIANTA GUY: Yo, Mario! Here at Bloo Bay Beach we're getting ready for Oceanfest! It's a big festival where we celebrate the ocean and get down with our bad selves! All us Piantas are SUPER PUMPED!
HUEY: Oceanfest?! The Paint Stars are missing, and you're planning a beach party?!
Mario and Edwin turn around.
EDWIN: Come on, Huey. You can't put a price on fun.
HUEY: Hmm...I guess so. I just miss the days when the people used to dance around Prisma Fountain. If we ever want to see another color party, we need to find those Grand Paint Stars!
EDWIN: Don't sweat it. I bet you all the coins in my bag that if we look around, we'll find a Mini Paint Star. Let's go!

Mario, Huey and Edwin walk to the edge of the cliff.
HUEY: Would you look at that view!
Huey jumps happily. However, Edwin is confused.
EDWIN: Well, it's the ocean. Haven't you been?
HUEY: Sorry. I've never actually seen this part of the ocean before. Amazing! Too bad I've lost most of my power. Otherwise, I'd go for a swim!

PIANTA BOY: Oh, Mario! Get a load of Captain Ahant!
PIANTA GIRL: He's gonna sail to the edge of the world. In this tiny boat!
PIANTA WOMAN: I wonder what's at the edge of the world. Like, is it pretty?
CAPTAIN AHANT [ ]: Quiet! This isn't about finding a beautiful or "being cool", as you kids say! I'm embarking on this long, foolish...potentially deadly journey IN ORDER to discover my destiny!
PIANTA WOMAN: Sounds like a midlife crisis to me. Oh my gosh- just buy a convertible and go wild! The edge of the world is, like, super far away, so you should totally upgrade your ride anyway.
PIANTA GUY: Hey! Oceanfest is finally starting! And the Deeps Sisters are on! Let's go!
PIANTA BOY: Nice! 'bout time!
PIANTA GIRL: We're outta here! Have fun in your boat, old guy!
THREE PIANTAS: Oceanfest! And the Deeps Sisters!
CAPTAIN AHANT: I don't have time for you kids' silly festivals! It's time to discover my destiny!

+Before the minigame, the Deeps sisters (Marirana and Suebelle) perform on stage, as the main event. They spin around alot. Half the people are happy, while half of them are mad.
+Edwin is enamored with Marirana. Meanwhile, Marirani finds Edwin cute. However, Suebelle isn't amused.
+The Five Fun Guys are now the Five Local Nuts (five blue Pianta kids), taking part in Sprout & Go Seek. The Ringmaster, meanwhile, is an old Pianta with a large brow named Rixx [ ].
+Huey can help during the hide and go seek event. He uses "I could tell you" ideology to get around the cheating thing.
HUEY: I COULD tell you that there's something odd about the stall manager...but that's cheating.
+The shuffling game is now called "the closer".

+Due to the controversy it caused, some of the dialogue after the shuffling minigame is altered to make it more clear what's being referenced.
RINGMASTER RIXX: Brrrrf! Is this going to end my career? I can see the headlines now- "Ringmaster Rixx is a crook!" Rmmmf- this can't get out. I'll give you hooligans the key to Blissful Beach- in exchange for your silence.

LOCAL NUT: Sorry, MAAAAN. We was just tryin' to have a little fun. No hard feelings, pal?
RINGMASTER RIXX: And with that, the 555th annual Oceanfest has come to a close! That goodness for that! And remember: I am NOT a crook!

There are extra chairs under one of the umbrellas. Mario must open that umbrella, too, to protect Edwin.
While Mario, Huey and Edwin relax, Marirana silently joins Edwin. Suebelle just looks annoyed at this. The sisters leave just as quick as they came.


Shy Guy

(Koopa Troopa)- A well-renowned and charitable archeologist, Kolorado's travels have brought him to Prism Island. He hopes to learn and hopefully donate some Artifacts to a museum closer to home.

NASTASIA (unknown Flipflopper subspecies [rumored to be a bat]...?) [ ]- Former (and formal) assistant to the lost Count Bleck. While she and O'Chunks have become close, Nastasia still misses her old boss. Hopefully, she'll be able to get some peace with O'Chunks- though any Musketeers or Koopa Troops might get hypnotized to buzz off.

(Catknave) [ ]- A weird-speaking feline from another dimension. Catguru got curious enough to visit Mario's world and peek around the forest areas of Prism Island, of all locations. Who knows what he's seen of the local going-arounds- which isn't to say he hasn't seen anything.

O'Chunks disassembled:
Kersti textured sprites:


Shy Guy
+Preliminary bestiary report: 37 unique enemies and 29 palette swaps/model mods (counting Shy Guy colors on top of red)
+Preliminary boss report: 29 boss battles total (story and bonus) involving 26 different bosses.

+Regarding what can be found in the overworld and what can be found in battle...
++OVERWORLD: Coins, Normal Cards, Artifacts, Stat-Up Items
++BATTLE: Coins (exact amount depends on enemy), Enemy Cards, Boss Artifacts (chapter bosses only), Paint, EXP Paint/Hammers
+Like Star Points, EXP Paint/Hammers are earned during battle, rather than after. Also, like Star Points, EXP Paint is only officially added to the meter after every enemy is KO'd.
+Like the Recut of Sticker Star, the Mini Paint Stars do not give out coins or Paint anymore. Instead, enemies inherently give out more of both as battle rewards.
+Mario uses less Paint in the overworld, while using slightly more in battle.

+As Artifacts are just equips this time, most of their Thing counterparts' Cardization Zone (and, for obvious reasons, all of their battle) animations have been cut. This is to save budget for details that matter more. In addition, the Cardization Zone animations are altered to kick up the effect of the zone without showing the Artifact onscreen.
EX Originally, at Bloo Bay Beach's Cardization Zone, the infamous Fan would get its even more infamous intro before blowing everything away. In Color Splash Recut, meanwhile, though the Fwoosh Propeller and other answers don't show up onscreen, a windstorm starts up immediately, blowing the trees away, then starting the tidal wave.


+Speaking of Bloo Bay Beach's Cardization Zone, Captain Ahant doesn't exactly save himself. Instead, a certain someone dives in to do the job...

KEIRF (Sosorrisurf [lobster-eel]) [ ]- DEWWWWWWWWD! It's been like, forever since this mondo guy took a break from teaching at his tubular surf school in Pastelora! And MAN, he has some radical stuff to tell people like Mario!

In a vein similar to the lead up for Paper Jam Recut, while there is more focus on the RPG characters, is there any main series characters anyone wants to see for Color Splash- original or Recut? As before, the top 3 who don't show up in the actual game or who aren't already confirmed here will 100% make it into the Recut. (In hindsight, I should have asked this question right away, but whatever).

This time, everyone gets to pick 2 characters. In addition, even without the obvious reasons, you're not limited to a poll with 9 pre-chosen answers and 1 Other option. It's almost open range.

What do I count as main series? Well...

Donkey Kong Arcade (+ '94)
Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros. 1
Super Mario Land
Super Mario Bros. 2 USA
Super Mario Bros. 2 JPN
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. World
Super Mario Land 2
Mario Clash
Super Mario Bros. 64 (+ DS remake)
Luigi's Mansion
Super Mario Bros. Sunshine
New Super Mario Bros. DS
Super Mario Bros. Galaxy
New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Super Mario Bros. Galaxy 2
Super Mario 3D Land
New Super Mario Bros. 2
New Super Mario Bros. U
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Super Mario 3D World
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

In addition, I'll allow certain exceptions within reason.
Go nuts within the guidelines.


Shy Guy
TOADS [ ]- The citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, Toads love going everywhere. They love doing everything. But even they would eventually go berserk if they didn't meet different friendly folk besides themselves.
Unusually, there's been a behavioral epidemic on Prism Island where, rather than tell their names, some Toads needlessly clarify when Mario last met them, despite (rather dubious) insistence their speech alone would give away who they are. Mario and co. may need to gently nip that in the bud at some point.
Sigh- and just five colors? Where's all the kids and women?

...Oh, there they are. Phew- at least there's some variety. Some unique featured Toads- in and out of the Blue and Green Rescue Squads- also live around Prism Island. Don't forget Toadsworth!

+Idle Toads:
+Happy talk:
+Negative talk:
+Adults disassembled:
+Kids disassembled:

NYA: So a member of the great Green Rescue Squad needs to be…rescued?
HUEY: This happens to you a lot, huh, Mario?

(Ninji) [ ]: A female Ninji hailing from the Decal Lands' forests. Though she's curbed her tendency to avoid asking for help, Nya still exerts extreme caution in dealing with situations. Nya was sent to Prism Island by the Ninji Clan leader, Ori, to investigate something the two just found under Rustle Burrow.
o PASSIVE ABILITY: Ninja Guard (take half damage from the first 3 unblocked attacks in battle)
o PARTNER ATTACK (all paints): Ninji Log (create a number of logs to take damage for Mario and his allied enemies)


Shy Guy
+All "Multiple item" cards (Worn-Out Shoe x3, Hammer x2), are gone. This is because it would be too difficult to balance boss HP if Mario could have anything from 2-9 full power attacks at all points in the game. This basically means Mario has 3-4 attacks every turn.
++Boss battles retained for the Recut that originally relied on Mario having 5-9 attacks will be altered in various ways.
+++For example, in Morton's fight, the pedestal takes 1 extra turn to respawn.
+Unblockable moves, such as Morton's formerly unblockable hammer, are not a constant feature in the Recut version. Only a very small handful of bosses (2- MAYBE 3) have that ability alongside gargantuan power in the Recut, and for story reasons.
+While the player can still flick cards upward, they can also just press a new Flick button at the bottom of the GamePad screen.
+Most of the cards which were formerly Stickers have their power from the original Sticker Star. The exceptions are...(more coming soon)
++Hopslippers only deal 6 jumps, as in Sticker Star Recut.
++Infinijumps only deal 50 jumps.
+Rather than powering up cards by an exact amount, Paint just allows the cards to respawn in the deck. This, of course, means Paint usage is all (100% filled) or nothing (0% filled).

+Green Koopa Troopa's enemy quotes have been moved to the Red Koopa Troopa. Meanwhile...
GREEN STANDARD: It's a nice day for a fight!
GREEN IN SHELL: Can you defend yourself like this?
+To complete the trinity...
BLUE STANDARD: What do you value, hairy vagabond?
BLUE IN SHELL: You can't pierce a Musketeer's spirit, or my shell!


Shy Guy

: These weapon-wielding warriors have appeared in the Super Mario Bros. series for years! In the first three Paper adventures, the minor Koopa bros. looked quite whimsical. When it came to the Decal Lands incident, Bowser brought along more stern turtles...along with Ice Bro. But after Bowser returned from a round dimension, the Koopalings tried training a legion of armed Koopas with that dimension's ideals of loyalty- the key word being "tried". While these Bros. (and all of Prism Island, for that matter) missed out on a different dimensional incident, they now get a chance to prove themselves- by defeating Mario!
MARK: Koopalings (all of them)
LOCATIONS (preliminary): Desert (Hammer Bro), Volcano (Fire Bro), Beach (Ice Bro & Boomerang Bro)

[ ]- A wise man once said cats and dogs living together would be part of a tremendous disaster. Apparently, Lepbeller didn't get that memo. This wolf-leopard hybrid wears a Super Bell around his/her neck. Ringing it brings it good luck, a happy feeling, and reinforcements. He/she also likes clawing people's faces. Mario MIGHT need some bandages after an encounter with these guys/gals.
MARK: Musketeer

MONKHAIRA [ ]- These monkeys use incredibly stale bananas as their swords. How stale? A Toad once tried to eat it- he spent 2 weeks in the hospital getting his teeth fixed and stomach pumped. Even beyond that, Monkhairas will drive Mario ape as he deals with their other status conditions. And that's not even getting into their boss, Khairacles...
MARK: Musketeer

Kersti didn't come alone on the Sticker Comet this time- she brought three of her friends from the planet the Sticker Comet cultivated with its strange power! However, they were ejected off the comet as it approached Prism Island. Now, these three Sticker Fairies are spread across the island, waiting for Kersti or her second-favorite topic to find them. Hopefully, the Musketeers or Koopalings don't beat our heroes to the punch!
ELLSHE [ ]- Kersti's BFF, Ellshe loves to chat for hours on end.
NABANA [ ]- Nabana is proud of his mad skills. Name a competition, and Nabana will pull out all the stops to win!
KITANU [ ]- In contrast to Kersti and the other two, Kitanu prefers to relax, and become one with the universe.


Shy Guy
+Due to the positive reception it got, the Pig gets to keep its original shape (though it still gets renamed). Also, despite being converted to an Artifact (and therefore not directly usable in battle), the Pig breakdances the first time Mario obtains it, complete with gangsta background.
Big'Oink (2 slots)- Over-KO hits give 3 coins for the first 3 hits, rather than 1.


+Many of the Toads are switched out with Vellbex and a few Piantas. The only exception is the ghost Toad with the "bird"cage.
+The bird has been changed from...what it actually is (it needs to be seen to be believed. There's just something that doesn't sit right with me) to a Chicken from Super Mario Land.
+As seen on the NPC map, Kersti is involved in this new version of Dark Bloo Inn.
+Yoshi has some parting words for Mario after the latter tries riding him.
+Due to Spike being associated with the Musketeers in the Recut, Clubba takes over his role.
+After pulling the seven Shy Guys out of the pile, the floor gives way. Seeing this, Kersti speeds down.
++Mario and his friends end up in asecret Recut-exclusive room, Kersti catching up. As she, Mario and Marirana wonder what this room is for, they're interrupted by the seven Shy Guys.

++The eighth Shy Guy is replaced by a certain enemy lurking in the room, who gives the Shy Guys a certain status effect. Who this enemy is will be revealed during the full topic...
+The floor doesn't get repaired, even on repeat visits. The reason is because that room has a bigger function.
++Due to this change, there’s no uncolored spots in the laundry room.

+The picture of Yoshi Sphinx is replaced with one of Dry Dry Ruins.

[ ]
MARK: Koopalings
LOCATION (Battling): Mountain

WHITE CLUBBA (just in case) [ ]
MARK: Koopalings

SPIKE (not pictured)
MARK: Musketeers
LOCATION: Desert plus other actual game locations

SNOW SPIKE (not pictured)
MARK: Musketeers
LOCATION: Blue Area plus other actual game locations


Shy Guy
A mixed pour-out of people

(Vellbex) [ ]- A member of the Purple Rescue Squad, as well as one of the few Vellbex remaining in the Mushroom World. Unfortunately, Kidd no longer has any interest in serving the cause of either. Nowadays, she causes problems for everyone who crosses her path instead- local, tourist, Koopaling and Musketeer alike. Let's hope Mario and co. herd Kidd's baaaad behaviour, before she does something no-one could take back.

MARK: Koopaling
NOTE: Replaces land-based NSMB Scuttlebugs.

MARK: Musketeer
NOTE: Replaces web-based NSMB Scuttlebugs.

MARK: Koopalings
LOCATION: Mountain



Shy Guy
[ ]
ROLE: Manager

ROLE: Bellboy

ROLE: Bookkeeper
Baamere has been working at Dark Bloo Inn for many years. Though this short Vellbex has had some mishaps, she's persevered through most of it. Now, a terrible threat looms over Baamere's aged horns. No- not the Koopalings or Musketeers. No- not Kidd, either. The threat facing her? Self-pulling books.

PURI T [ ]
ROLE: Housekeeping manager

[ ]
MARK: None
LOCATION: Volcano, Tough Underground Areas

BOO [ ]
MARK: Musketeer

MARK: Musketeer
LOCATION: ?????? ???????? (Recut-exclusive location...)

BOOSKETEER [ ]- The most common fighter for the Musketeer's cause. One could consider them the answer to the Koopaling-commanded Shy Guys and Slurp Guys rampant around the island.
MARK: Musketeer
LOCATIONS: Early to semi-mid game Musketeer-dominant areas (ex Forest)

DARK BOOSKETEER [ ]- A less common fighter for the Musketeer's cause. Though not as strong as the Koopatrols, the Broozers or certain other local creatures, Aace still trained the Dark Boosketeers well.
MARK: Musketeer
LOCATIONS: Mid to late game Musketeer-dominant areas

MARK: Koopalings
LOCATION: Volcano, Koopaling-dominant areas, actual in-game locations


The new staff's panic
Puri T.s' intro-
Baamere's lament-
A more wondrous dragon ride-


Shy Guy
+Due to Paint simply regenerating cards into the deck (on a technical level, spawning another copy of the card into the deck), pre-colored cards are gone.
++The balance for Paint per card used vs Paint earned from enemies is 3:2 in each part of the game. Of course, as every card and enemy takes & gives out different colors of Paint, it's on the player to remember what colors enemies give out.
+++EX (not final) A Jump card uses 6 points of Red and Blue Paint to regenerate. Meanwhile, Red Slurp Guys give out 4 points of Red and Yellow Paint when defeated.
++Regarding the standards to which Paint useage and Paint earned from enemies will be recalculated for the Recut...
PROLOGUE- CHAPTER 1: Worn Out and Standard are the norm.
CHAPTER 2- CHAPTER 4: Shiny is the norm.
CHAPTER 5- END: Flashy is the norm.
+++This basically means Megaflash and Big Shiny are the levels where "Only apply Paint if you really, really mean it" thinking applies.
+The player can pick up to 6 cards to apply Star Clips to. Basically, Star Clips frontload those cards to the front of the deck, ahead of unclipped cards (though still shuffled according to official order). In addition, if the card is used and there's another copy of it in the deck, OR Paint is applied to the card, that card will be frontloaded or regenerate to that exact spot.
++EX Mario has 7 Worn Out Jumps, 5 Normal Jumps, 6 Worn Out Hammers and 4 Hammers in his deck. (A little reckless, but whatever.) A Star Clip is applied to 1 of each card. Therefore, Mario's current hand would be... Worn Out Jump, Jump, Worn Out Hammer, Hammer, and the other cards in whatever order. Even if Mario auto-sorts the deck, those four cards will still stay in front.
+In battle, all Hammer cards use the Control Stick to charge again, rather than pressing the A Button. This allows for more precise attacks.
+Action Command instructions show up on screen again.

[ ]- More of a jerk than ever before- a special kind of jerk. And I don't like that one Guy...
MARK: Koopaling
LOCATION: Early game locations, various Koopaling-controlled locations



Shy Guy
KHAIRACLES [ ]- Whoa, that's one giant monkey! The only thing bigger than Khairacles is his ego towards his strength. And those unwrapped bananas aren't for eating- they're for Khairacles to pummel his enemies with! One good thing that can be said for Khairacles, though, is proving a dependable ally.
MARK: Musketeers
GUARDS...: Emerald Grand Paint Star (stationed Koopaling re-assigned as Forest mini-boss)

+Like Relic Hunter and Sticker Star Recut, Color Splash Recut has Battle Bonuses. By performing certain actions in battle, Mario gains extra rewards.
++This time, there's two major types of Bonuses. Coin Bonuses multiply the number of coins Mario obtains after battle, with the multiplier starting at x1.0. Paint Bonuses, meanwhile, reward a slew of paint.

+PERFECT BONUS (rejiggered): Block every attack in the battle. +0.1 to multiplier for every 3 attacks blocked.
+FIRST TURN BONUS: Win on the first turn of the battle. +0.3 to multiplier for every 20 HP combined deducted from enemies.
+DANGER BONUS: Win the battle with 5 HP or less. +0.3 for every 20 HP missing from max.
+MINIBOSS EXPERT VICTORY BONUS: Win a battle with a miniboss without any Artifacts equipped. +0.6 to multiplier for every 50 HP the miniboss(es) had
+BOSS EXPERT VICTORY BONUS: Win a battle with a boss without any Artifacts equipped. +0.8 to multiplier for every 50 HP the boss(es) had

+JUMP BONUS: Use at least 5 Jump stickers during the battle. +15 Red, +15 Blue
+HAMMER BONUS: Use at least 5 Hammer stickers during the battle. +15 Red, +15 Yellow
+ITEM BONUS: Use at least 5 Item stickers during the battle. +15 Blue, +15 Yellow
+HEAL BONUS: Use at least 3 Healing stickers during the battle. +10 Red, +10 Blue, +10 Yellow
+RED BONUS: Use at least 20 Red Paint points during the battle. +30 Red for every 20 Red used in battle
+BLUE BONUS: Use at least 20 Blue Paint points during the battle. +30 Blue for every 20 Blue used in battle
+YELLOW BONUS: Use at least 20 Yellow Paint points during the battle. +30 Yellow for every 20 Yellow used in battle

+Due to their restorative nature, healing cards take an enormous amount of Paint to regenerate in the Recut.


Paint: 20 Yellow, 20 Blue
Effect: Restores 30 Red Paint.

Paint: 20 Red, 20 Yellow
Effect: Restores 30 Blue Paint.

Paint: 20 Red, 20 Blue
Effect: Restores 30 Yellow Paint.


Paint: 40 Red, 40 Blue, 40 Yellow
Effect: If Mario is KO'd within 2 turns of using this card, he regains 1/4 his max HP.


Shy Guy
+Unlike the original Color Splash, there's only 25 Rescue Squad members total on Prism Island (26 counting the Captain). Because of this, several puzzles and parts of the story will be overhauled for the Recut. This includes the same members showing up in multiple levels, having partner-based puzzles take some spots, certain powerful friendly characters making up the difference in numbers, and other changes.

[ ]- The Rescue Squad of the Red Area, which includes locations like Ruddy Road and Crimson Tower. An all-Brustache team. From left to right...

GREEN RESCUE SQUAD [ ]- The Rescue Squad of the Green Area, which includes locations like Mondo Woods and Dark Bloo Inn. (Though the latter creeps them out for some weird reason.) Not only is Green Rescue Squad composed of all Toads- they're also all part of the same family! From left to right...
Peppa T- The dad.
Suga T- The mom.
Clara T- The aunt.
Whittik T- The boy.
Beeyew T- The girl.

BLUE RESCUE SQUAD [ ]- The Rescue Squad of the Blue Area, which includes locations like Bloo Bay Beach. Unlike most of the other Squads, the Blue Rescue Squad is made up of mixed races. Together, with the finesse of a Brustache, the strength of a Pianta, the durability of a Memphawk, and the speed of a Toad (or two), the Blue Squad can prepare for & overcome much more than one species alone could. From left to right...
Stabyl T.
Den T.

YELLOW RESCUE SQUAD [ ]- The Rescue Squad of the Yellow and Orange Area, which includes locations like Parts Unknown. ...that is, the village of the Memphawks, whose name is known, but which the Memphawks tell strangers is Parts Unknown to build up ANYWAYS! It only makes sense that the strongest, most fight-happy yet fight-responsible Memphawks would take care of things in the Yellow area. It also makes sense that they decided to pick up the slack for Orange. Here's an interesting detail- Louis' dad used to be in the Yellow Rescue Squad.
From left to right...
"Iron Hard" Jonny
The Invisible CAAN
Armstrong the Small


THE SQUAD CAPTAIN [ ]- I would hope his name (or mysterious lack of one) would explain what this guy does. He's very dedicated to the cause of the active 23 Rescue Squad members across Prism Island. In fact, it's rumored the Rescue Squad as an organization was founded by the Vellbex, and the Captain's ancestor in particular, over a thousand years ago, after a gargantuan battle wiped most of them out. Unfortunately, the Captain isn't on good terms with Kidd- she's the only one he's not getting along with lately. What could have happened?

Clara T in action-

Extra muscle & odd wisdom

A near-complete gathering


Shy Guy
[ ]- Flowery folk who have showed up almost everywhere during Mario's more epic adventures, as well as during Yoshi-related escapades. Their singing may be beautiful- but it puts their foes to sleep. Dayzees also tend to run off when the going gets tough.
On Prism Island, Dayzees come in not one, not just two, but three varieties!
Crazee Dayzee- The standard Dayzee. This is the run of the mill Dayzee many are familiar with.
Rebazy Dayzee- A more colorful variation widely believed to only be found on Prism Island. While these flower-powerhouses don't give as many coins as their normal counterpart, they do give out much more paint.
Amazy Dayzee- An unusual golden variant, Amazy Dayzees are rare- not just in the Mushroom World, but across dimensions, too! Many dimensions don't even have Amazy Dayzees! Though...given their immense vitality and utterly Herculean strength, maybe that's a good thing. Nevertheless, beating these flowers tends to give their vanquisher more knowledge and experience.
MARK: None (all of them)
LOCATIONS: Red Zone (Crazee), Green Zone (Rebazy and Amazy), ?????? ???????? (Amazy)

JUMPING BLOOPER [ ]- A subspecies of Blooper previously found on Isle Delfino and the misty reaches of a certain dimension, Jumping Bloopers have furthered their domain to Prism Island. Fun fact (for you)- these six armed polluters hate when people jump on them.
MARK: None
LOCATIONS: Blue Zone ocean areas

FUZZIES [ ]- Contrary to popular belief, you won't feel good inside when these guys are around. In fact, Fuzzies would like nothing more than to touch you!
Normal Fuzzy- This colorless cretin steals HP over time.
Green Fuzzy- Though not king of the jungle, Green Fuzzies still get by stealing HP better than the normal variety.
Yellow Fuzzy- If you're asking yourself why a Fuzzy subspecies is living in the mountain, then you probably don't notice how he's stealing Mario's Paint Points.
MARK: None (all)
LOCATIONS: Forest plus other actual game locations (Fuzzy), Forest (Green Fuzzy), Mountain (Yellow Fuzzy)

CLEFTS [ ]- Weird rock monsters who live in rough areas. All three disguise themselves as rocks.
Bald Cleft- Some Clefts aren't born with spikes. You might think that's sad, but let's face it- you're taking advantage of that fact right now.
Cleft- The normal variety.
Steel Cleft- A strong subspecies of the Cleft. The Steel variant possesses high Defense for a non-supernatural, non-Shiny enemy. And just think- a little more training will lead to this guy becoming an Iron Cleft one day!
MARK: None (all)
LOCATIONS: Desert (Bald Cleft), Mountain (Normal), ??? ??? ?????? ? ????? (Steel)

QUINCADA [ ]- Insects found on Prism Island, Quincadas are experts at fighting from the air. They're so fast, no-one can be sure they moved at all- just that something beat them up.
MARK: Musketeers

KOOPATROL [ ]- The strongest of the Koopa Troop, Koopatrols possess a great amount of Defense. Not only that- they can power themselves up to REALLY hurt their opponents!
MARK: Koopalings
LOCATION: Late game areas

BROOZER [ ]- Powerful ghosts who only began appearing when Mario returned to his original method of adventuring. While they usually serve Bowser, on Prism Island (and maybe somewhere else...), the Broozers flex their ghostly muscles for the Musketeers. In addition to fighting, Aace is requesting the Broozers look for something- but what?
MARK: Musketeers
LOCATION: Late game areas

Cheep Cheep (None)
Blooper (None)
Lakitu (Koopaling)
Sombrero Guy (Musketeer)

Daytime titles-
Nighttime titles-

Numerical damage

WARNING! Unknown enemy approaching...


King Bowser
it amazes me that fans are this dedicated about an italian plumber who breaks blocks with his fists and stomps on turtles for a living


Shy Guy
Edwin's pole position (replaces Purple stairwell) and the Freezie Extinguisher-
The guys' hour in the hot spring-
+The above scene will change, depending on story circumstances.

Screwdriver > Digga Driver: Pierces the Defense of Shelled and Yellow enemies.
Ice Pick > Chilly Pick: Pierces the Defense of Ice and Blue enemies.
Hairdryer > Magmaw Dryer: Hammer, Hurlhammer, Baahammer and Chillhammer cards gain/change to a Fire attribute.

(Memphawk) [ ]- Louis' dad. Orion believes freedom is everyone's right. Orion used to be the leader of the Yellow Rescue Squad. One day, though, Orion suffered a major injury, ending his leadership. Now, he helps "Iron Hard" Jonny lead in an advisory role.
Before his injury, Orion knew- and still knows- much of the history of Prism Island, considering himself a history buff. Such topics include the first Vellbex population, the strange Rochambeau ruins scattered around, and even the island's original ruler. Orion's current research centers around the Grand Paint Stars.

MAWK & PAWK (Memphawks) [ ]- Two incredibly powerful Memphawks who live on the island! ...or, at least they were. In present times, they live off the earnings of their son. Ol' Mawk and Pawk have become rather lazy because of this stroke of good fortune.

+All the new plot points have been decided on. While the plans are mostly subject to change according to the actual game's level order, let's just say Color Splash Recut majorly diverges from the original earlier than Paper Jam Recut did...
+The HP, ATK and DEF of all enemies has been "precalculated". As with the above, they're subject to change.
++Also, these stats were calculated assuming Sticker Star's ranks would be used, and/or that at least 3 attack ranks (Normal, Shiny, Flashy) are common. The former has been disproven in the Gamescom Dark Bloo Inn video. Therefore, if normal and Big cards are the only two common ranks, some recalculations will be in order.

HP: 6
ATK: 2
DEF: 0

HP: 8
ATK: 2
DEF: 1

HP: 11
ATK: 3
DEF: 1 (aerial; attacking turns Paratroopa into Koopa)

HP: 12
ATK: 3
DEF: 0

HP: 100
ATK: 8 (shell spin), 6 (hammer), 12 (Fire hammer, blockable)
DEF: 0 (Ice and Water attribute attacks deactivate Fire hammer)

HP: 85
ATK: 7 (sword), 12 (toss attack; hurts Cucleer for 6 damage; Cucleer still gets a turn)
DEF: 0

HP: 70
ATK: 6 (sword), 3 x 3 (flying sword slash)
DEF: 0

HP: 17
ATK: 7 OR can summon 1 enemy
DEF: 0

HP: 15
ATK: 7
DEF: 3

HP: 33
ATK: 9
DEF: 0

HP: 38
ATK: 11
DEF: 0

...what the!? What, uh- what exactly are we doing back here?