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Audio quality sounds fine to me, get your auditory cortex in your brain corrected.

None of this screams lazy, it screams lack of time.

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To be fair, Action 52 is a thing.

This isn't comparable at all, but having multiple games in one doesn't automatically make something not lazy.


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I wouldn't call it lazy so much as its a lot of stuff but across 5 sports making things feel less then satisfying for each individual thing if each were it's own game.

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Alex95 said:
They put five games into one cartridge, how is that lazy?
Honestly when somebody tells me there are multiple games in on cartridge I just assume none of them could hold up on their own/ they aren't very good


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since theres literally no point in trying to even have a little bit amount of communication with mm3 , im just gonna adress that

AGAIN , i dont think he even plays the games

Icons in Ultra Smash have nothing to do with SSS

Those are upgraded versions of World Tour CSS


not gonna bother with the nonsense anymore , he should be grateful i even bothered replying at all.