300% Mixed Nuts! [Sprite Comic]


eat the rich
i don't already have anyone's sprites. i don't have my old computer anymore. put your sprites in your signup post.

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Yup I'm finally doing a new sprite comic. Again. It's just going to be an action adventure comedy comic strip type thing like The Three Mushketeers and Almond Factory were. Let's cross our fingers that I won't cancel it like... almost every comic I've attempted. I mean, I did conclude Three Mushketeers at a nifty 150 comic strips, so hopefully I'll be able to conclude this one. Be careful who you align with... both me and my sister Quickie-la are villains in this comic so choose your side wisely. :bowser:

This one's called 300% Mixed Nuts because I like the game 100% Orange Juice and almost all my sprite comics have been named after nuts. (Three Mushketeers took place in the Macadamia Realm and I canceled Cashew Comics and Almond Factory.) Credit to DragonFreak for the name 300% Mixed Nuts.

Hero Team:
• 2257
• Nico
• Smasher

Good Team:
• Puddin
• Quickie-la
• Turb
• Uniju
• Nico
• Nyrie
• GalacticPetey
• Toadbert
• Pidgey
• Alex95
• -empty-

Evil Team:
• Natalie
• Quickie-la
• Johkonnla
• Lakituthequick
• Roy Koopa
• The Pyro Guy
• Lord Bowser
• -empty-

Evil Bosses:
• Bonesy
• Anton
• -empty-

Signup Rules
If you'd like to sign-up for my comic there are a couple rules. First of all, the main style in this comic will be MLSS/MLPIT/MLBIS. You don't MLSS sprites to sign up, but 8-directional sprites or at least 4-directional sprites are preferable to 2-directional sprites. Second of all, your signup post must include:


If you don't include your character name, gender, sprite sheet, and position in your signup post (good/evil/evil boss) I will flat out pretend your signup post doesn't exist. I just need those four things so it's not a for me to figure out who's who when I'm writing stories and making comics. Please don't link me to JPG and/or scaled sprites.

You can also put whatever else you want in your signup post (as long as those 4 things are somewhere) and I don't care what your favorite type of nut is. D:<

I'll demote evil position signups from bosses to evil team according to my own nepotism discretion. Thread signup order does not necessarily indicate comic appearance order. I am shameless.


One Tough Cream Puff
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

Name: NEXandGBX
Position: Minor Antagonist (I've been a major character and a protagonist a lot so it's a change of pace.)
Gender: Male (He)
Sprites http://wiki.userpedia.net/images/5/55/Nexmario_sprites.png (I feel like having decent recolor sprites is better than having bad original ones.)

Hilda Valentine Goneril

hilda-chan no kachi
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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

hi i'd like to be in your comic plz include me XD

comic relief
male pronouns

do you really like nico or is that an inside joke


Power Star
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts


Name: Nyrie
Role: Minor Protagonist
Gender: Female
Sprites: http://wiki.userpedia.net/images/4/4c/Nyrie_Sprites.png

Lord Bowser

Super High School Level Bowser
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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

do minor characters need original sprites as well or can they be borrowed from an already existing game


Star Spirit
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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

i'm not picky about position... unless i'm REQUIRED to be picky about position... just dont make me work with bones ok


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

name: uniju
team: whichever team the bros are on
class: tracer
gender: dude
sprites: http://wiki.userpedia.net/images/f/fc/Unijusprites.png
favourite nut: cashew


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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

name: mcd
species: minor protagonist
gender: male
sprites: http://wiki.userpedia.net/images/f/f9/Thatstoneass.png
favourite nut: nut soaked in tea


Uh, Ken. Role.
Poll Committee
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

Roy Koopa
Minor Antagonist
Male (he)
I don't actually like and type of nuts.


Fluffy boi(or possibly gurl?)
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

Also, forgot something. I like those nuts in mixes shaped like boomerangs, whatever you call them. And second of all, please have Johkonnla be one(or more if you can) of the following:
Comic relief antagonist
Antagonist turned protagonist
Servant who temporarily/nearly overtakes bigger villain
Antagonist with pet that he cares for(not talking about the shadowy snake in the sprite sheet, that's what he transforms into to destroy somebody)
Female villain's flirty servant
Attractive antagonist


Benjamin Judd
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

Midna said:
I need sprites honestly
Man your OC is easy I wish mine was easy

It's just missing the wings and sunglasses but those should be easy but I didn't feel like doing it myself at least not right now


El Psy Kongroo
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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

SiFi said:
Midna said:
I need sprites honestly
Man your OC is easy I wish mine was easy

It's just missing the wings and sunglasses but those should be easy but I didn't feel like doing it myself at least not right now
we're halfway there I guess, either way, thanks.

Ice Cream Man

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Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

The Pyro Guy (TPG)
Major E: Minor Antagonist please
Male (he)
Sprites (if you need more, just ask)


eat the rich
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts

DragonFreak said:
Also Uniju mentioning DOTA is lawl.
Yeah it was kind of out of character but maybe it'll be referenced in a future comic. :drmario:


Donkey Kong
Re: 300% Mixed Nuts!

Did I do something wrong in my sign up? I scaled the sprite sheet to the proper size if that was the issue.