Splat the World Together!


Kat is adorable. End of story.
Let's do it right now!


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Nabber said:
I think the stages may be Saltspray Rig and Kelp Dome but I'm not sure.

That might be accurate, it says Port Mackarel and Moral Towers, but no mode.


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YOOOOOOOOOOOOO you can now join friends for private battles during splatfest
all you americans get ready


Kat is adorable. End of story.
I don't know if Squad Battle and Private Battle is locked during Splatfest.


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I know you can do Private Battles during Splatfest, but I do not know if it's cross-region. I seen Lakituthequick's name (if I recall correctly, he's one of the European users), but cannot try it because he isn't online. Don't even know if he's got this game.

Thanks for reading.


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i'm pretty sure you can do cross-region since i played with some random people from my friends list
but for all i know they all live in europe