Do You know any obscure shows?


You can talk about shows that nobody seems to care or is aware of their existence. You can review them and tell us about their strengths or weaknesses and whether you love it or hate it.
I was searching in the internet about stuff related to the Lion king and I met a cartoon series known as: "Simba the King Lion". I clicked it on curiousity and I reallized what it was.

Story: The king of the Beasts got shot by the hunters, leaving him dead and making his cubs orphans. And evil Tiger wants to be the next king but he has to kill the protagonist in order to do so. The good animals are taking care of the lion cubs and are trying to train Simba to be the perfect king. The story does not seem that similiar to the Lion King but it is still having some similiar traits.

Characters: Some of the characters are either the actual characters from the Jungle Book, the Lion King, and Bambi or they are they are only named after them, I can't decide which but they are quite loosely based on them. The characters that are "copies" are:
Simba, Kaa, Bagheera, Baloo, and Shere-Khan, and Bambi(actually Bimbo in the Italian version later known as Buckshot)

Best of the characters: Despite having being based on established ones, they are loosely similiar. It also helps that some of them are original.

Worst of the characters: The lack of creativity in naming some of the characters, that they were called after existing ones. Some of the character design is kind of weird such as the insects, especially the caterpillars and the butterflies because they look like pink or blue sasuages and the butterflies have halos for some reason, not to mention the eyes are kind of unsettling. Some characters are under developed and are dropped without explanation. It was pointless giving Simba 2 sisters when they never did anything but play around.

My favorite characters: I like Buckshot because his voice sounds like Buster's, a character from Arthur. I also like Kaa because he is closer to his book version only lacking his hypnotism, plus the way it he is animated seems impressive.

My unfavorite characters: Arbor the talking tree, he seems to be a Mary Sue because he is too perfect and almost everyone praises him of being the best of stuff. There also the fact that he is powerful enough to kill Shere-Khan but for some reason he does not do it, like if he is enjoying the suffering of the other characters. Why does he not defeat Shere-Khan a lot earlier? When I saw him I thought he made everything lame because he is too powerful but he is selfish. There is also the fact that he made Simba more powerful by giving him a cape making Shere-Khan non threatening and I bet the final fight is going to be unfair because Shere-Khan is just a tiger who is against a superhero lion.


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Anyone else heard of Candle Cove?


Benjamin Judd
But that's the thing. The IT Crowd did well in the UK where it was from but I'm not even sure if that can be said for Candle Cove.

...doesn't anyone remember candle cove?


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Awesome little cartoon. The protagonist kid is the king of the land of Under, which is accessed via magical portal under his bed. He has to stave off various villains' attempts to take over (the usual culprits are the school bully who used to be king, a living pile of barbed wire, and the neighbouring despot woman), as well as solve periodic crises (ranging from the Asymptote monster that never quite gets to the town and causes everyone anxiety as they wait in vain to be attacked, to the moon crashing onto the land after being weighed down by too much junk, to the planet's version of the aurora borealis turning people into pickle-craving zombies). His friends include his West Highland White Terrier, who can talk in under, and a girl who used to be a princess but gave it up in order to live a happy, free life (and with whom there's no forced-in love plot at all). There's a good balance of sheer sillyness (floating mountains, pink flying cows as the main mode of transport) and well-written plot to every story (there's lots of continuity and even consistent geography). My one complaint about the show is that it didn't last longer, and that I only got to see one run-through of the final season's episodes before the channel yanked it forever. If it ever comes out on DVD somehow, I am buying it instantly.

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The anime based on Megaman Battle Network, which may have been the cause of my obsession with Battle Network rather than the games.

I'm not sure what it was that captured my interest, but it did.


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Argai: La prophétie

Turn of the millenium French cartoon about an Arthurian Knight lion who somehow gets transported to a cyberpunk future ruled by a female cobra witch (?) and fascist robot ants, and buddies up with a detective agency. Remember it being quite tightly plotted and dramatic.


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I keep forgetting the name, but I found this old anime while dicking around on TV Tropes. I saw the second episode, but there were no subtitles, so I couldn't understand any of it.

From what I can tell, the show is about a teacher at an elementary school. There's a few other main characters, like her students, the principal, a guy who I assume is a doctor, and some other guy who works at the school. Some other shit happens, like the main kid rides a skateboard and then the teacher tries it. Also at the end, some French guy steals some stuff and the teacher and main kid chase him on skateboard. Other than that, I can't really tell.

Oh yeah, also there's a shitload of sexual stuff, like there are several panty shots of the teacher and the main kid cops a feel on several occasions. Keep in mind I only saw one episode, and TV Tropes said it happens quite a bit, so...

It's fucking strange, and somehow it lasted three years.
I used to watch that show all the time.

I never understood why one of the characters was a pineapple.


Donkey Kong
He was actually a pineapple kid.

His dad was a pineapple, and his absent mom was human.

Gotta love the mental images that puts in your head.


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I think this would count as obscure too


Ever heard of Dink the Little Dinosaur? He is a green Little Foot that obviously appeared in an obscure show. The show is like if Land Before Time and The Smurfs were fused together. I call it part Smurf because the Tittle Cards and the music reminds me of the show of the Smurfs. So anyways here are Dink and his friends:

Dink: Green Little Foot, the leader of the group of course. Can be rebellious or childish. He is the big “brother” of his friends and his helpful to others.

Amber: A Corythosaurus who is probably second in command and it is implied by some people and maybe the show itself that she and Dink are more than friends, hope not. She surprisingly has more personality than the typical cartoon girl character you sometimes see and detest.

Shyler: A saurian equivalent of Flower the Skunk from Bambi. Also has the Elmer Fudd syndrome. Who names their child like that is one question I have. Wants to be smart, brave, and nice like Dink.

Scat: a crazy small dino who speaks in third person and likes to eat snacks like Honey-fruit. Behaves somewhat like Scrat from Ice Age only more social and less prone to suffering. My favorite character perhaps because he also looks like a baby crocodile.

Flapper: A pterodactyl(as his name suggests) is the prankster of the group, has a rivality with Amber as far I know. Thinks he is cooler than he is. Tries to do a good landing but fails as a recurring gag.

Krusty: An old turtle, mentor of the dinosaurs and possible adoptive father of them. Wise but Grouchy at the antics of others most notably with goofballs like Scat or Flapper. Still is nice of course. Has hair for some reason.

Trannor: Sharptooth's inferior brother but still ferocious.

I liked it even if it was being accused of being too similiar to Land Before Time. My only complaint is that it did not last long enough and there is no plan for a spin-off.

Gumball Machine

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I seem to remember seeing a cartoon involving Goofy, Pete, and their sons. I believe there was also a movie where Mickey and Donald make a cameo.


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In terms of obscure cartoons that come to mind, there are Legend of the Dragon and Argai: The Prophecy. The former I guess I won't talk about because I heard is supposed to be a terrible show, but I did watch through the first season.

For the latter, I am not sure what, but I think I have a certain interest to it even though I never watch it again after the initial run, especially because I got to see the final episode. I guess it has to do with some things I don't get from the first viewing.

Vaporwave™ said:
I think this would count as obscure too
I remembered seeing this cartoon, but I kind of detested it in retrospect because of gross humour. For one, in the intro there is the dog peeing on the titular character encased in ice, and the main thing is that the titular character's main trait is his smelliness. One episode I remembered is about how the main character Tommy wanted to grow a chest hair, but in the end an accident cause him to accidentally pull it off and lose it (basically one of the standard episodes where a character gains something in an episode and lost that new thing in the end).

Amazed that this show has 58 episodes, though.

Thanks for reading.