What was your first Mario game?


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Mario kart 64. I was 4 when I first played it, and I kept crashing into walls.


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Mario Kart 64. I played it at my cousins' house and was Toad and then Peach


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Paper Mario. Replaying the game is fun. Plus, I have the in-magazine Nintendo Power strategy guide.

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Smiddle said:
Super Mario Sunshine. Damn, I'm late...
Wow, I would've guessed Super Mario World or something. :eek:


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let me think...

either Mario Bros or Super Mario bros( either the first one or the 3)

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My first Mario game was Donkey Kong, at this little place where little kids play. I was 2 back then.


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Super Mario Bros., of course! But I really wasn't into the Mario series full force until the Nintendo 64 installments came around.

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My first Mario game was Super Mario World, but the oldest Mario game that I played was Donkey Kong, in SSBB's Masterpieces.


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smw was the first one i played, but it was my uncle's
My first game was Mario Kart 64