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!Weege wegge weege!
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Revenant Archagent said:
Oh, yes, the great Isle Delfino War of 2002. I visited Noki Bay, where the historic battle between you and Eely-Mouth occurred. Fun times.

Anyways, let's take a look at Delfino Plaza first!

Here we can catch a glimpse of the historic statue of the founder of Isle Delfino. What secrets does he hold? Nobody knows!

Well, aside from the swirling vortex within its base, but we will deal with that later.

Uh-oh! The police. Let's have a chat with them.

ARCH: Hello, officer.


ARCH: No suspicious convicts here, just a regular Dersite...

PIANTAPOLICE: Okay? Hey you kinda look like-

ARCH: Oh I simply must be going! Goodbye!

PIANTAPOLICE: -that travel agent convicted of murder. Huh, he's gone.

That was close, dear reader! We barely made it out alive! Let's buy some pineapples to help us get through the situation.

PIANTASALESMAN: Well, you don't actually have to buy them. You can just grab them and leave with them.

ARCH: Oh. Okay.

Look, an egg! What secrets lie inside it?

YOSHI: Yoshi!

ARCH: Oh, nothing important. Wait, no that's my-

YOSHI: Yoshi!

Well, that does it for now. I can't handle any more of my equatorial fruits being stolen. Let's check on the big Shine, eh? See how he's doing?

He seems to be doing fine, considering that Fake Mario hasn't been inking him. All is well. I should get some shades like Mario did when he was here.

Speaking of Mario, where is he?
YoshiFlutterJump said:
Simón de Bolivar said:
The only indie game I played is Minecraft. I love loading the world with TNT and then setting it off. Not to mention that I also flood the world or fill it with lava.
Pretty much this, although my enjoyment of Minecraft is more closely related to server mods.


!Weege wegge weege!
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Toadgamer said:
Toadettefan14 said:
Since no one has replied yet, this game is canceled!

Long John Spaghetti said:
*Walks up to window of the car wash. A sign reads 'Help Wanted'. I rush in* "Hi, I saw the sign. Can I have a job please?"

(Luigi, Car Wash Job Seeker)
Of course! You can make me lots of moulah! $ *Mario suddenly enters the wash with his kart.*O look, a customer! Start working now, Weegeeboi!

(Toadgamer, Mushroom Kingdom Car Wash Manager)