What's the weather like outside right now?


Rest in Peace, Walkazo
Banned User
It was snowing heavily (about 1-2 feet) right after spring started, and now it's RAINING LIKE NEVER BEFORE (*bleep*)


Mushroom Attendant
It's looking quite abnormal over here in Plymouth. Seriously, it's actually sunny. That's NOT normal. Something must be up.


King Bowser
We had a sunrise today that was comparable to one you'd get closer to the equator (I.E. Malaysia), but it's usual weather this moment, sunny and a bit cold.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
It has snowed for a minute today, but nothing notable has been left of it.

But currently, it's really dark outside, and cold too (0 Degrees).


Celestial Guide
Oh that makes sense, I was thinking to Celcius.
Then that's a little less than 15°C, nothing surprising.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
But at least you drive on the right side, and have a steering wheel at the left, just like we have (sorry, UK).