What was your very first edit to the wiki?


Donkey Kong
This was my first edit, back in March 2008. I added to Gooper Blooper's page that he appears as a boss in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, which Glowsquid reverted shortly after.

Toa 95

95 Enterprises
Retired Wiki Staff


I can't find a link, but I've done some trivia things on Yoshi's Story bosses.


Rest in Peace, Walkazo
My first edit was some minor rewording on the Nintendo 3DS article. It was part of a series of edits just to become auto confirmed. After that I started taking editing seriously though :D

Paper Yoshi

Jonny Boy
I fixed a typo in the Bowser article in my first edit. Just that.

As for userspace edits, I created my userpage and added a countdown to the European release of Brawl (I lived in Spain at that time).


Nintendo 3DS Developer
I thought either a Nintendo DS WiFi Connection Tutorial (that got deleted, for some reason), or some fixes in Credits on the Mario Kart DS Beta Elements Page (which people keep discrediting, for some reason).

But currently, I mostly just Post 3DS Screenshots on the Wiki, which then Mn&S (spelled correctly?), YoshiKong, and/or Lindsey put them into Articles.

Lorenz Hellman Gloucester

absolutely the best boy dont even try to debate it
http://www.mariowiki.com/index.php?title=Broggy&oldid=1393617 Zis is le first edit i did.
I did the part explaining what the special attack does.