Do you use walkthroughs?


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Simple question: Do you use walkthroughs when playing a video game?

I only use walkthroughs if I'm resuming a game I haven't played in a long time and need to see what I need to do next, or if I'm absolutely stuck in a game. I don't use them to guide me throughout an entire game as I feel that makes it too linear. I like to explore for myself.


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I only use them if I'm 100% sure I missed what I had to do next.

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I watched Roahmmythril's videos for help so I'd know how to navigate in the overworld and the solution to that battery/lightbulb puzzle.

And I watched slimkirby's Crystal Shards LP to find some of the crystals.


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I used to use them often when I was a newer gamer, but now I try not to use them unless I'm really stuck.


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I never use guides. I always search every nook and cranny until I find everyrhing. Or, in the case of an RPG, I always make my own strategy for taking down my foes. And in the case of platformers, what's there to use a guide for?

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I don't use walkthroughs. The only reason I purchase them is for the sake of reading them.


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I only use it in Zelda Dungeons, as any other game is pretty straight-forward, to me.
Actually, instead of using Walkthroughs, I'm actually making Walkthroughs.

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Only for certain sections. Very rarely. I can't stand it when my brother watches entire walkthoughs for games he doesn't even own.

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Strategy guides are like walkthroughs. But I rarely read walkthroughs. The only reason I would read them is for the heck of reading them. Sometimes, the writers say funny stuff


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I try not to use them on my first run through of a game, but sometimes I get stuck and I'm forced to do so.

If I'm going for 100%, then I usually do.

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Not on first playthroughs, but occasionally when going back to do a 100% run


If I'm stuck on one part of the game for too long, sometimes I look at a walkthrough. Generally I don't use them.

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Depends on the game I'm playing. If it's a game that's impossible for me to beat (A lot of platformers and some RPGs) I use one, but in games like Pokémon I just search through everything.