So it's been a year since Mario Kart 7 came out...

Have you gotten 20,000 coins yet?

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Koopa Troopa
and I only JUST got the 20,000 coins required for the gold standard body. To be fair though, I din't play all that much, but it did take me over 160 hours of playing. (according to my activity log) How long did it take you? Or have you even finished yet?
I don't think I even reached the first gold part. Actually, if anyone is up to it, I'll play against them around now. I haven't played in a few months but its much better playing with people you know.

There should be a topic for telling others when your playing (if there isn't one already).


Donkey Kong
I haven't been playing my 3DS much at all lately because of school. I haven't even completed all the 150cc cups yet. :/ I'll probably play it during the Christmas break, or maybe this weekend.


Yoshidude is here
I don't really care about getting 100% on Mario Kart 7. I've done all 150cc cups and unlocked mirror mode but I don't really care about getting everything. I don't play MK7 very much.


Koopa Troopa
Pokémon Trainer Red said:
I don't think coins matter except for slight acceleration.
Actually it's a slight speed boost, not acceleration

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
I love Mario Kart, but even my motivation for that game isn't enough to reach that staggering amount.

Dark Light

Cherries and Berries
Pokémon Trainer Red said:
MK7 got rid of all the good characters except for the MK64 classics and a few others
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi

And of course, Waluigi.


Donkey Kong
'3Klaus said:
but they added shy guy

character roster redeemed
Partly redeemed. I feel Waluigi could replace Metal Mario and Bowser Jr. could replace Honey Queen. Then it would be much better.


Nintendo 3DS Developer
It came out on 1 December in Japan, 2 December here in Europe, 3 December Down Under, and 4 December in the Wild West.
While talking, I've got my European copy on 30 November, because shops here regularly leak games before release date, and my Japanese copy on 5 December, because Play-Asia never ships games during Weekends.

Australian MK7 is basically the same as European MK7, with only a different Age Rating Company on their packages.


Retired Wiki Staff
I have Mario Kart 7 but getting 20,000 coins is an EXTREMELY difficult feat. Really. I doubt I'd have time to even reach that point in the game. o_O