Mushroom Kingdom Geography


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The Mushroom Kingdom is vast and full of all kinds of crap in every direction. But does anyone really tries to map out all this crap? Well it's obvious some will argue that this isn't really necessary, but I don't care. I'll try to get a map of how I think the MK looks and you can too.

General Obvious Locations

Obvious World 1 - 8 from NSMB games/Mario 3
Isle Delfino
Surrounding islands
Peach's Castle
Dinosaur Land
Yoshi's Island


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I don't really count Places from Paper mario and other non-main games... Also in the map the person left out Isle Delfino..


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I don't know who is walkazo.
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Yep, dat's me.

Also, the map isn't zoomed out enough to show Isle Delfino (or Donkey Kong Island, the Waffle Kingdom, etc.), and I didn't include little "this way to X" arrows on my nice, polished map, although the rough work has 'em. The map's also a couple years outdated, so it doesn't have the M&L3 locations and whatnot (and I still need to write down the original PM places and a few other misc. settings). Anyway, for the record, Isle Delfino is at the equator, due south of the "h" in Mushroom Kingdom (approximately).


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Both DK's hometown and Diamond City don't really show the distance from Mushroom Kingdom.

According to Kart stages and the two Paper games taking in Mushroom Kingdom, the staff might just change as they like in that game. The most certain thing is that some places are close.

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I made my own version without Walkazo's detail:
Judging by the image of NSMB, it also feels like that Mushroom Kingdom is just part of the big land, along with other uninhabited areas.


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I've never played PMSS so I couldn't add locations from there, and IMO Nimbus Land is in Sky Land. I also didn't add PM and BIS places, or PIT places.


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What about Vibe Island? It's apparently not far from the Mushroom Kingdom. (From Super Princess Peach) :P


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Timmy said:
What about Vibe Island? It's apparently not far from the Mushroom Kingdom. (From Super Princess Peach) :P
Never played SPP except for a few levels when I got it for my friend who happens to be a girl.

And we'll just say it was too small to see