New Rumors for 3 Mario games

I found this link that this is a rumor that there is spose to be new games that might announce on 2013, and there is spose to be couple of Mario games in the list and here's the list that I found:

  • New 3D Mario game :mario:
  • New HD Yoshi's Island game :yoshi:
  • Donkey Kong Land Returns (Nintendo 3DS) :dk:

– Nintendo’s core first party line up for E3 will be the next 3D Mario game that will be out by Holiday 2013, a next Zelda adventure for the Nintendo 3DS, a double dose of Kirby with the return of Tilt ‘n Tumble for Wii U and Kirby’s Pop Up Pannick for Nintendo 3DS, a new HD Yoshi’s Island game, Donkey Kong Land Returns for Nintendo 3DS, new Fatal Frame for Wii U, the new Retro Studios title which may or may not make Holiday 2013 and two new IPs.

Found this from here:
Eh just rumors. Not excited until confirmed
Pokémon Trainer Red said:
Shouldn't this be in the Marioverse board, as all are in the Mario universe?
I was going to say that
Already a topic on the yoshi game in the marioverse.

also wrong section. the other two sound a bit unlikely though.
I never believe anything until it's confirmed by Nintendo.
I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, Judge Judy style. :P

No, but I wouldn't get excited until Nintendo DIRECTLY confirms.
Yeah I wouldn't get exited until Nintendo tells us themselves. I wouldn't mind another Yoshi's Island game, as long as Baby Luigi is not kidnapped again dang that stupid plot. Did ya know that Yoshi's Island DS was actually going to be called Yoshi's Island 2, but it turned out more of a remake of the original so that's why it's called Yoshi's Island DS. As long as there is a different plot then I would want to check it out if it was confirmed.
I'm not going to believe it for the moment. But these things would be pretty cool. I just don't think one person would be able to find out all this.