Hot dogs vs. Hamburgers

Which do you like better?

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Donkey Kong
Which of these two fatty American foods do you prefer? I don't like hot dogs, but I really like burgers, usually with cheese and bacon.

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Re: Hotd dogs vs. Hamburgers

Burgers ftw

I don't like hot dogs

Ray Trace

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Re: Hotd dogs vs. Hamburgers

I like both (not fatty foods BTW), but I find hot dogs easier to eat.


eat the rich
I prefer hamburgers (cheeseburgers), but I don't mind hotdogs.


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Mason Voorhees said:
I prefer hamburgers (cheeseburgers), but I don't mind hotdogs.
cheeseburgers always, unless its a very good hot dog.


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btw, hamburgers are not neccisarily fatty, unless you smother them in cheese, bacon, and mayo. you can use lean hamburger meat, and fresh tomatos and lettuce and onions, and they can actually be very healthy. it all depends on what ongredients you use that makes something fatty, not neccissarily what it is.

also, lean hamburger meat tastes great, i cant even eat fatty hamburger anymore, it makes me sick.


Hazukashii serifu kinshi
I don't prefer one or the other. They're both good.
By the way, the ideal Hamburger for me: sauteed mushrooms, caremelized onions, home made mayo, spicy mustard, lettuce - on a sesame seed bun.
And the ideal Hot Dog: Carmelized Onions, Four Cheese, Coleslaw, Relish, Mustard, Blue Cheese, Mayo, Butter, Bacon, Sawdust, BBQ Sauce, Chili, An olive for garnish


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I really don't have any preference, I love them both.


Shine Sprite
Both but I go with hot dogs more. So many flippin' Hot dog places in Chicago, Portillo's, Doggie Diner, Bouna Beef, so many more I can name!

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk

I used to hate hot dogs, as they gave me stomach issues, but they don't seem to anymore. They're pretty good.

Still not as good as burgers tho.