How many times have you moved?

How many times have you moved?

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    Votes: 13 38.2%
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    Votes: 8 23.5%
  • 2

    Votes: 6 17.6%
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    Votes: 2 5.9%
  • 4 times or more

    Votes: 5 14.7%

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Twice, both in my county


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Ah crap. You should give us the option to remove our votes if we move again or make a mistake, because I moved three times, not two
None. My family moved into my current house less than a year before I was born. We lived just out of town, now we live in it.

Whenever they bring up the topic of moving house, I always say no even though whatever I say doesn't matter. I like my house.

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five times, all in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne

someday I will leave this horrid city behind and make my home in another horrid-but-not-quite-as-large city

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Crackin355 said:
Whenever they bring up the topic of moving house, I always say no even though whatever I say doesn't matter. I like my house.

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Never so far.


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I've moved once. Twice if you consider moving into my apartment. I think moving was a valuable experience, as I got exposed to two very different major U.S. cities, and different cultures. The culture shock from moving from Chicago to Philadelphia was surprisingly large. I think the meeting new people and the new experiences I got were worth it and have shaped my value system. I don't think I'd be the same person had I lived my entire life in Chicago. I have now been living in Delaware, my second move, for the past four years. I recently got an apartment, and the difference between living in the suburbs of Philadelphia and the town center of a (granted much smaller) college town, has been a welcoming experience. I like experiencing the difference between the suburbs and more "city" feel again, albeit a little city. Both have their plus and all three take getting used to.

So I've lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Delaware, and I think it's been a good experience. The weather seems to be the main difference, people are pretty much the same everywhere, even with the culture differences. :P Never been to another country, so I wouldn't know if there is a larger difference between, say, Philly and Sweden, but I'd assume so. I bet you guys wear heavier coats. :3


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I lived in Florida for a month, but that doesn't count since I came back after :P


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Eh, my dad and my sister like moving. I haven't lived in one house for any more than 2 1/2 years. I think every time there's been a good reason for the move, but I'm not too sure.
I honestly do not want to move out of this house soon, but I probably will end up doing so in a few years. I just love this house a lot and everything is just the way I like it here; but then again, I'm used to it.