What's the best gift you've ever gotten?

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Title, so what's the best gift you got for Christmas/your birthday/Easter/whatever?

So, my best Christmas gift was my 3DS last year.

My best birthday gift is pending because I'm waiting for my birthday.

Share your best gifts here!


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Smash Bros. Melee, Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door, Mario golf: Toadstool Tour at the same day even though I made my mom dissapoint.


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Anything named "Baby Luigi".


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I can't come up to anything that seems the best for me, but if there's something revolutionary I've ever got, that's a Nintendo 64.
If I didn't get that as a present, I'd never know what "Gaming" is.

But other than that, anything's good for me, as long as the person who gives me a gift remembers me.
My Wii.

Loved that day, I think it was the first console I got to play with a family member, because they were actually interested in it.


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My nintendo gamecube.

so many fond memories with Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Channel, Super Mario Sunshine and Paper Mario: TTDY.

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Rin Kagamine said:
Title, so what's the best gift you got for [...] Easter [...]
Wait, you guys actually get gifts for Easter?

Like the same kind of gifts you get for Christmas and your birthdays?

...talk about lucky. The best I've ever gotten for Easter is a chocolate bunny.
I don't think gifts for Easter is something most families do. Maybe the families that like to spoil their kids or have a lot of money.

I just get a carton of chocolate eggs and that's it. I know my old friend got a shit ton if chocolate, so much that him and his little brother had a whole shelf in the fridge of chocolate shit.


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The best gift I've ever gotten was just last week at our band's senior night party. The underclassmen in my section made each senior a collage of photos and quotes and inside jokes from over the years, with little goodbye/I'll miss you notes attached. It's hanging on my wall right now. It makes me cry.