review for mario kart wii

  • First off this game is very fun. The main feature is the use of the motion sensing of the Wii Remote. By tilting the remote, players can steer their karts. Nintendo hopes to address some of the issues game critics faced with the first racing game Nintendo published for the Wii, Excitetruck, by making Mario Kart Wii compatible with the Wii Wheel. Since the Wii Remote is designed to be inserted into the Wii Wheel (as it is not an independent controller) players can also play without the Wheel. So far, Mario Kart Wii showed the compability of playing using the Wii Remote with the Nunchuck attached, the Wii Classic Controller or the GameCube controller along with the Wii Wheel.

    Accelerate: Holding the button used for, the kart will go forwards. Accelerating time depends on the type of the karts: Lightweight karts show a high acceleration, but low speed. Heavyweight karts tend to have a low acceleration, but a quite high speed. Middleweight karts show an average top speed and acceleration
    Steer: Steering the kart, Letting drivers take corners.
    Brake: Braking slows the kart to a stop abruptly.
    Reverse: The character's kart will go backwards, if the user still holding the Brake button.
    Look Behind: Players can look behind their kart. In this way, players can be alert from characters incoming to steal the player's place from the rear. This feature once appeared in Super Mario Kart.
    Drift: Drivers drift to keep the kart's speed, and take corners much better, plus get mini-turbos. Can be set to happen automatically or when a button is held.
    Mini-turbo: After drifting for a reasonable amount of time, verying on the vehicle used, blue sparks will erupt from the player's rear tyres. Releasing the drift button gives them a short burst of speed. In a kart, players can keep drifting for longer to get orange sparks and a much longer boost.
    Tricks: Players can pull off a stunt when they jump in order to gain a momentarily mini-turbo. Players can perform one by going through a ramp or hill. in the air, by flicking the Wii Remote (or the Wii Wheel) or pressing the D-pad for a direction, the driver makes a stunt, cheers and obtains a speed boost.
    Wheelie: Used only when riding motorbikes, drivers can increase the speed when they lift up the front of the bike. While the driver holds the front of the bike, he/she can hardly turn until the driver let the bike's front down.
    [edit] Modes of Play
    Grand Prix (1 player) Get points by winning races. After 4 races the players points will be counted. You must have the most points to win the Grand Prix. The player can unlock many things in this mode.
    Time Trial (1 player) A solo mach for the fastest time.
    Versus (1 to 4 players, up to 12 online) Same as Grand Prix, but with custom settings.

Battle (1 to 4 players, up to 12 online) Play in a team and defeat the other.
Ghost Race (Mario Kart Channel, 1 player) Race against Ghosts of other players who are as good as the player.
Tournament / Competition (Mario Kart Channel, 1 player) Compete in limited time competitions. This mode is a replacement of Mission Mode.
Note: Grand Prix mode for 50cc using Karts, 100cc using for bikes only, 150cc using for Bikes and Karts and Mirror (Unlockable) for Bikes and Karts. By winning all the tracks in 50cc or 100cc, it's possible to play with both bikes and karts.

There are sixteen new courses in MKWii, a feature that has been used since MK64. Race courses are divided into various Cups again: Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, Star Cup and Special Cup for new courses and Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup and Lightning Cup for old courses. Notably, these are the same as Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart Wii includes three new items: the Mega Mushroom, the POW Block and the Thunder Cloud. Items can be earned by driving through Item Boxes on the courses, just like in previous games. Once a player has done so, an item will be selected via the Item Roulette. In general, players tend to obtain a weak item as a banana or a green shell when they come first. However, if players are in second or a lower place, obtaining a powerful item such as a red shell or a thunderbolt is more frequent. Usually, the lower the place of the player, the rarer and more powerful the item they get.

Golden Mushroom
Triple Mushrooms
Triple Bananas
Red Shell
Triple Red Shells
Green Shell
Triple Green Shells
Blue Shell
Fake Item Box
Bullet Bill
POW Block
Mega Mushroom
Thunder Cloud

This game is very fun buy it
OK, what about the actual game itself and not the series in general? That's really what you described. But you forgot to say the AI is so cheap.
ChaosNinji said:
OK, what about the actual game itself and not the series in general? That's really what you described. But you forgot to say the AI is so cheap.
QFT, man. IMO, the AI is good. But, I might just be n00bish at this, so... Yeah.

Off-Topic: How do people insert AI into a video game, but find it hard inserting GOOD AI into a robot? :-\
This sounds more like stating the facts than reviewing the game itself. Maybe you should offer more of your opinion on the game?
It actually looks more like a Feature List to me, instead of a Review.
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